July 14, 2001-

I've waited all my life for this moment. Practically 13 years of
living just to reach this time. This precious happening is my very first
encounter with the animal that humans call the cougar. There is no adjective
that exists that is good enough to describe the cougar's beauty, power,
grace, and wisdom. A true symbol of independence and the wild. And I've
finally gotten to actually see one, not in a book or on TV, but in real life,
in the flesh, right in front of my eyes. On this day, at the zoo, there were
only a couple inches of glass between me and the amazing cougar. I'm not sure
whether it was a male or female, but I'd say it was more likely to be a
female because there wasn't any visible penis or balls, and the nipples on
the cougar's belly seemed pretty large. Well, whatever gender it was, I will
refer to it as a female.
I named the cougar I saw, too, on the car ride home from the zoo. I
thought about it for a while, and I finally decided that her name should be
Blessing, because it certainly was a blessing to see her. She was everything
I thought a cougar would be. When I saw her through the glass of her
enclosure, she was sleeping peacefully, not having to worry about all the
troubles and dangers that she would have to be aware of in the wild.
Sometimes her soft brown body would flinch in her sleep, and every so often
she would shift her position slightly to be more comfortable. Once, her teeth
were showing, and that alone is enough to show anyone how fierce the cougar
can be, even though it looks harmless while asleep. She had a good-sized
stomach, assuring me that she was well-fed and content. Her stomach was a
creamy white, like I thought it would be. Her tail was so long, probably a
little over three feet. You could see her beautiful body so well, and think
about how powerful it would be when the cougar had to jump or run. I can just
imagine those beautiful hindquarters propelling her forward or through the air
gracefully. Blessing's paws were amazing and huge, good for balance while
running on surfaces like snow. Her eyes weren't open very much, although she
blinked a few times. I couldn't stop looking at her, going over every detail
of her face and body again and again. What a magnificent and majestic cat.
I wanted to write down this description because I want to remember
that experience forever. I wanted to capture the moment and all my memories
about that wonderful sleeping cougar, who was seperated from me by just the
few inches of glass between us. I hope- actually, I know- that this will be
just the first of many encounters with the undescribably fantastic cougar.
Maybe one day, I will even encounter them in the wild. All I know is that I
am truly lucky to come so close to such an amazing cat, who has been and will
be the center of my world forever. I was truly blessed by that beautiful
cougar, and I thank her with all my heart for letting me even see her. She
truly is a blessing, and I hope that I will eventually be blessed by many
other majestic cougars in my future.