Friendship made of glass

An ended friendship
Hurts enough
With out it being announced
And shattered like glass.

It might be better for you
But you still have a friend,
More than a friend
A "sister".

I have no other friend
So I can only cling to onto the shards
Of a shattered friendship
I loved so much.

I try to pick up
More shattered shards of glass
And put them back together
But I never can.

Because one piece is missing,
Your piece,
Which might have been lost
When you smashed the friendship made of glass.

But I won't let go
Of my shards of glass
Until I'm on my death bed
And I know
Yours were lost.

A/N: I guess I had another friend. I just can't talk to him about this because he loves this person so much. *Sigh*