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The Promise

The beauty of the star studded night sky and the glory of the full moon meant nothing to Menolly. Her dark red hair flew in the wind, blowing around her jade green eyes. Once she had loved the way people marvled at how dark her hair was, that almost auburn color-but still it was red. Maybe, once long ago she would have smiled and neglected her weaving to stare at the moon. But now...Now it wasn't worth it.

Menolly Corinadis was once a happy, growing child, blooming into the beauty of a young woman, but then...She couldn't remember it all clearly. But it was like a ghost at the back of her mind. The night the Warlock Falrroal entered the home her family lived in, in the highlands of Scotland, was the night she found her mother, bleeding, and almost dead. Her mother had enough breath to tell Menolly to hide. But the shattering of the glass made her words dissapear before they reached the twelve year old's ears. That night, not only had Falrroal taken her mother's life, but he had taken the light from her own life...Her vision.

When she reached the age of seventeen she was the spitting image of her mother, from the curve of her full lips to the shape of her toes. But Menolly had never really cared, as the darkness ingufled her, so did her love for life itself. The only thing she wished for, was to regain her vision, and become free of the darkness once and for all...

Once when she was six, her parents had taken her to a festival in the small town and she had met a fortune teller. The old lady sat her down and told her 'Someday, two things you value most will be taken from you...Leaving you sad and lonely. And you will discover something about yourself at that time...A special gift, that you will cherish...'

Now that she looked back on it, the old lady had been right. She'd lost her mother and her vision...But she had never discovered a gift...

Menolly sighed and dragged herself from her thoughts, standing from her perch on the window sill and tracing the footsteps to her bed. She sat down on the edge of it, and said to her self in a soft voice, "Tomorrow I'm going out, I don't care what father says..."

Her father, now there was something she couldn't figure out. He hated her for looking like her mother, but loved her just the same. All he had wanted for her was to find her a loving husband...But as soon as the suitor found out that she was blind, he would leave...discarding her beauty. Who would want a blind woman for his wife anyway? She could neither play hostess to other nobles, or, as most thought, a blind woman couldn't dance...

But oh how Menolly had defied the odds. She taught herself the to dance all over, by counting the steps in her mind instead of wating her partner, and knowing witch way to go, by keeping a hand on his arm. And, as it was that she was blind, she could play the faithful wife to a t, but could not play hostess...However, she made that up with her riding abilities and her skill with a bow and arrow. Her shot was more accurate than her father's, and he was an experianced and skilled hunter. She also had the voice of an angel...Or so her father said, though he was quite partial to her... And though, she wasn't of much use otherwise, she knew that someday, someone would over look her blindness...

She lay back on her pillows and closed her eyes. Drifting off into another, black, dreamless sleep..

The sound of birds singing merrily in the tree outside her window woke Menolly. She smiled and slipped out of bed, going to the window to join in on the birds cheerful sining by humming along. After a few moments she turned toward a chair near the door, where her maid, confidant and friend, Ceri layed her clothing each moring. SHe dawned the cobalt blue gown and straightened the half-scalloped sleeves, that had used themselvs to immobilize her arms. She reached down and picked up the silver brocade belt and tied it around her waist and then ran a brush through her hair as Ceri entered the room.
"Good morning," Ceri said as the raven haired woman sat Menolly down and begand to braid her hair in many braids and twisting them up and around in an intracate bun on her head, and then weavining silver threads and mother of pearl ribbons through the bun.
"What would I do without you," Menolly asked when Ceri had finished, rising and embracing her best friend.
Ceri smiled, "Who knows. Shall we go to breakfast?"
"Of course," Menolly replied and the pair made their way to the dining hall.

Menolly slipped into the kitchen and smiled as Bethany, the cook gasped in shock and exclaimed, "Menollu, m'girl, don' do tha' to an ol' woman like me!"
"I'm sorry Bethany, but I just came to see if maybe you pack me a small luch to take with me on my ride today. I plan on staying outside as long as possible."
"'A 'cousr m'girl," Bethany said cheerfully as she made Menolly's lunch and carefully wrapped in in a cloth, "Now you b'careful. We don' wan' anythin' to 'appen to our b'loved Menolly."
"I will Bethany," Menolly said hugging the older woman and bounding out the kitchen door.

When she reached the stables the stalbe boy, fredrick stopped her and pushed her dapple grey's rieghns into her hand, saying, "I knew you'd be coming today. On such a fine day I couldn't not expect ya."
"Thank you Fredrick," Menolly replied, then to Shadow Walker, "Hello Shadow, shall we."
The horse whickered in reply, and bent down onto his front knees so that Menolly could mount him. Menolly smiled as she sat atop the gray and said, "Let's take the long way to the pool today Shadow."
Shadow whickered and moved off at a brisk trot. His smiling owner asride him.

Menolly didn't hear her father charge out of the manor when he heard that she was going out for the entire day, he stared at her retreating back and sighed...that girl.

The pool's clear cool waters glistened and Shadow came to a sudden halt just outside the pairs special place. Menolly looked confused, "Sahow? Do you sense something?"
Shadow snorted and took a tentative step into the clearing and then suddenly reared in terror, throwing Menolly form his back. He wheeled and careened into the forest, leaving a dazed Menolly, trying to understand what was going on in his wake.

The first thing she noticed was the unnatural calm in the forest around her. She backed up against a tree and stared wide eyed around. What was it that had scared Shadow so? Her first thought was a wolf, but Shadow was not afraid of wolves. Then her thoughts landed on the thought of a magical creature lurking withing the clearing. And an evil one at that. Her fears were confirmed as an unearthly howl sounded from at least twenty feet to her right...A werewolf.

Oh, please, she thought, sobbing as she listened to the footsteps come closer, Someone help me!
He silent prayer was suddenly answere as the shriek of an angry bird pierced the air. An sudden calming heat landed in front of her, and though she could feel the flames lick her skin, no harm came to her. A Phoenix?

Do not fear me, I am here to help you.
The soft tenor floated through her mind, thank you.
think nothing of it...Menolly...
Y-you know my name, she thought, shocked.
I do. You seen to have a special gift Menolly...for the magical creatures of this forest can hear you speak if you focus your thoughts enough.
A gift? The fortune teller was right! And there was the Phoenix standing off to a werewolf in here defence. She suddenly heard the wolf howl in pain and run off. The comforting warmth of her saivor's fiery soul encompased her again as the brid came closer to her. His red, gold and orange feathers flickering with flames every now and then. He watched her with a curious gold eye, before speaking to her once again, You're blind aren't you?
Yes, Menollry replied, What's your name?
Fawkes, the Phoenix replied.
Thank you for saving me Fawkes, she replied.
Think nothing of it. I must go now.
Will you come again to see me? I would love to speak with you again.
Do you want me to?
Yes. I would like to be your friend.
My friend? I would like to be your friend as well.
Menolly smiled and reached out to tough Fawkes. who leaned into her caresses until she came to a sudden ralization. "The sun is setting! I need to get home!"
Your horse is long gone by now, but I will lead you through the forest.
Thank you Fawkes, Menolly replied.

Fawkes spread his wings and took to the air, flying low to watch Menolly's path for her, and to avoid low hanging tree branches. The walk back to the Corinadis Manor took until long after the moon had risen, but during that time Menolly had learned alot about her new friends, as well as came to terms with her gift. He left her at the edge of the gardens, saying he would visit again. She said goodnight and ran through the familiar garden paths to the house. She barged inside and shouted, "Father!?"
Her father rushed from his study, leaving a stunned baron in his wake, when Menolly reached him he swept her up into his arms and hugged her.
"Don't ever do that to me again," he exclaimed.
"I'm sorry father, but Shadow threw me."
"It's obvious to that," he replied chucklng at the sight of dirt smudged on her face and her hair half down, haning in waves with twigs sticking out every once in a while in random directions, "Go get cleaned up."
"Alright father," Menolly replied, heading for the stairs, and the safety of her room.

When she was clean and dressed in her nightgown, she quietly crept down the stairs to tell her father goodnight, but stopped suddenly at the slightly ajar door leading to the study.
"My son will not like this arrangement," said a deep barritone.
"And neither will Menolly, she doesn't want to be treated like glass," her father replied, "But I cannot watch her as I used to."
"Yes, with court and all I'm not sure how you've managed it this long Ewen," said the baron.
'I know, but at least, with her married and living in another manor I will be able to concentrate on the business I need to get done," Ewen replied.
"I wouldn't be doing this Ewen, the girl is blind after all. But you are one of my best friends, and her dowry is more that respectable..."
Menolly gasped and a hand flew to her mouth as tears filled her eyes. She was being sold into a marriage because of her dowry? She angrily dashed tears away, and ignoring the ongoing conversation in the study, dashed past the room and out the balcony doors into the cool night air of the gardens.

Menolly didn't have a clue how long she sat there crying before Fawkes landed lext to her and rested his head on her shoulder, trying to comfort her. She unconsiously sent the conversation of the marriage his way, glad he was there. He closed his gold eyes and she began to pet him, crying uncontrollably.
Doesn't he love me?
Of course he does, Fawkes said queitly, He just thinks he's doing what's best.
But I don't want to be sold off becasue my dowry os more than respectable! I want to fall in love- She stopped there as a new round of tears hit the backs of her eyes.
I wish I could say something that would make it not happen, but we both know, that now that it's decided, you have to, Fawkes said sadly, sighing as Menolly's sobbs quieted.
I know, but it hurts, She replied, hiccuping, You'll still come to see me won't you?
Of course! And I might just have to show myself in public to prove that you aren't worthless, the Phoenix replied vindictively.
Menolly laughed through her hiccups and replied, maybe we should do that when the marriage is annouced at the ball?
Sounds good to me, Fawkes said, chuckling in his thoughts, Just give me the word.
I will, Menolly replied as she got up to head back to bed, And thank you Fawkes.
My pleasure, his soft tenor replied as he took to the air, lighting his path as he went.

The ballroom was hot and suffy, filled with the scent of a thousand different perfumes, smoke from candles and lanterns. Menolly waved a hand in front of her face as she stood in the corner. Complaining all the while to Fawkes, who laughed merrily at the thought.

"Mind if I join you?"

Menoly spun, her dark green silk skirts flaring around her, "Who?"
"My name is Dahrriik," the tenor replied as he stepped closer to her, "And you are?"
"Menolly," she replied quietly, "How did you find my corner?"
"I hate balls, they're so stuffy, and the airheads where getting to me," he replied.
Menolly laughed softly, "Well I can tell you that I am not an airhead...I'm just not used to balls and such."
"Oh? I would think you'd be a great dancer," Dahrrik replied.
"Not really," Menolly replied.
"Then why are you here if you don't like these things," he asked, silver-blue eyes twinkling, unaware that she couldn't see him.
"I'm here to be sold off to some rich baron's son," Menolly replied quietly, "But I plan on causeing quiet a rukus in the process."
"I understand how you feel. I usually avoid these things, but Father made me come to meet the woman I'm supposed to marry. It's an arranged marriage, but it's only happening because Father likes the size of her dowry, not to mention that he's always saying that I need to get married, but I don't who I marry picked for me," Dahrrik said.
"I understand," Menolly replied, "Father is marrying me off because he suddenly has too much to do as a lord of the kingdom."

Dahrrik was suddenly cut off as a male voice called her name.
Menolly set her back straight, "Time to cause my rukus..."
Dahrrik laughed as she walked slowly twoard the waiting lord, who immediately took her arm and led her off through the crown speedily.


Dahrrik rolled his eyes and made his way over to his father, waiting for his life of freedom to end.
Lord Ewen made his way toward them with Menolly on his arm, and Dahrrik suddenly realized that he'd been speaking with the woman that was supposed to end his life of fun, realizing, that even though she'd been looking directly at him, she hadn't seen him.

As the introductions were made, Menolly recognized the soft tenor from the corner, her eyes widened in shock, and only Dahrrik seemed to notice. Then her face went dark as the dark thoughts of an evil magical creature made it's way toward them. The werewolves charged into the hall glaring furiously around. Menolly froze and screamed Fawkes' name in her mind. He realized that sometihng was wrong and flew into the room. He surveyed the damage from above and saw that the werewolves were focusing on Menolly and her soon-to-be-lord. He narrowed his golden eyes and let out a peircing shriek, chargiing the pack.

Menolly let out a short scream as something yanked her to her feet. Comforting arms surrounded her as Dahrrik's soft tenor told her it was alright. But then she remembered Fawkes. And wouldn't move.
"Menolly, we have to get out of here," Dahrrik yelled over the screaming and fighting.
Fawkes' pained shriek filled the air and Menolly screamed, "No! Fawkes!"
Dahrrik stared for a moment before following the terrified woman as she slowly made her way toward the fallen Phoenix. She leaned over him to sheild him with her body and let out a yell that reverberated through mentally and out loud, "Get away you stupid beasts!"
The wolves stopped advancing and stared at the red haired woman. And she yelled again, "Leave! Go back to the forest! This place is not yours!"
The wolves stopped advanicing on the fallen Phoenix, sobbing woman and man, who was trying to understand while comforting the woman. Then suddenly as they had come, the werewolves retreated, tails between their legs.

The mass of ball-goers stared as Menolly cried over the fallen Phoenix, trying to get it to wake. As they created a circle around the trio Dahrrik tried to pull her away, "He's gone Menolly."
"No," she exclaimed, "I can still feel him, he's alive, I know it."
The bird let out a weak grunt and opened one gold eye and stared up at the desheivled woman, Well, we made a bang.
Menolly laughed through her tears, "yeah we did. We missed the target my a mile though Fawkes..."
The people stared at her as she stroked Fawkes' neck and head, while murmuring to him. Dahrrik put a hand on her shoulder, "Menolly..."
She looked up through tear streaked eyes, "What?"
"There's nothing we can do," he said quietly.
Her eye's widened, "There has to be! I'm not losing one of the only friends I've ever had!"
Lord Ewen made his way to the front of the crowd and gasped at the sight of his daughter holding a Phoenix's head in her lap, tears running down her paule cheeks.
She spoke again, "I don't care what I have to do, he's not dying...Not if I can help it.."

Fawkes closed his eye and sighed, Menolly...
Menolly looked startled for a moment and then looked down at him, Fawkes? You're alright!
Not quiet. I-I need to be near a fire...
Menolly's head shot up, eyes wide, "We need to get him next to a fire."
"How," Dahrrik, he's too big."
"So build one here for a ll I care," she said angrily.
She began to sob again and Dahrrik wrapped her in his arms.

Menolly, you have the power...
The power to do what?
To use the magic of the four elements and that of light. Concentrate on fire, and how you want it to look, and whether you want it to burn anything or not...
I'll try...

Menolly lifted her left and and concentrated...A small spark, and suddenly she held a largge ball of fire in her palm. The crowd gasped and backed away.
Now what?
Put it over the wound and let go...
Menolly nodded, and turned her head to Dahrrik, "Dahrrik I need you to be my eyes...I need to know where the wound is.."
Dahrrik nodded and moved closer, wrapping his arms around her, and grasping her wrists soflty, and guiding both hands toward the wound, his eyes widening as the fire grew in her palm so that she had to hold it in both hands. She was sweating from concentration, and looked exhausted. He stopped moving her hands when the settled directly above the wound.
"There, your hands are directly above it."
She nodded slightly and lowered her hands a little, and then pulled her hands out from under the fire. It dropped and settled over the wound like a blanket, instantly healing the Phoenix.
"You did it," Dahrrik whispered in her ear, "He's going to be fine."
Menolly sighed in relif and collapsed back into his arms, "I-I've never tried that before..."
"How did? What," Ewen said, coming out his state of shock.
Menolly closed her eyes and then opening them again, facing the direction of her father's familiar voice, "I don't know how it happened father...I just suddenly could talk to the magical creatures...And Fawkes told me I can use use the power of the elements to my will...-a small sob- But the powers are useless...I can't even see..."Dahrrik stood, and held her in his arms, Fawkes rose and took to the air, making it obvious that he would follow that now sleeping seventeen year old. Ewen led toward the carriadge and he and Dahrrik climbed in, setting off for Corinadis Manor.

Ceri had almost fainted at the sight of Menolly, but when she glipsed Fawkes she became herself and started telling the starlted magical bird 'that if he was going to stay in this house he had better not burn anything'. Ceri changed Menolly into her bedclothes and tucked her under the covers and then left the room, "You two may go in now."
Dahrrik and Fawkes entered the room. Fawkes immediately settled himself next to her on her left, drifting off immediately.. Dahrrik sat next to her and brushed some of her dark red hair away from her face.
"I don't know why or how you became blind Menolly, but you are so special. You have a wonderful gift that makes up for the loss of your eyesight ten fold, but I promise you, that I will always be your eyes," Dharrik then kissed her forehead gently and left the room. Heading to the guest quarters he had been given.

Menolly bounded into the dining hall in a cheerful mood. She had woken to the sound of rain on her window instead of the happy little yellow birds singing merrily in their tree, but she had somehow managed to find a song within the rain. She smiled as she heard her father's deep bass and Dahrrik's soft tenor moving quietly toward her from the other side of the room, by the fire, where she sensed that Fawkes was happily dozing.
"Good morning," she said in a cheerful tone, and made her way toward the two men humming the tune she had found in the rain.
"Well good morning sunshine," Ewne said laughing as Menolly kissed the top of his head and plopped down into her usual chair.
She grinned and moved her hand slightly to look for Dahrrik's, he grasped her small hand in his large one and watched in amusement as she leaned back and hummed her tune. Suddenly she said, "Someone opena door or window, so that I can hum along with the rain."
Bethany and entered the room and that moment and pushed a nearby window open so that Menolly could hear. Unlike Ewen and Dahrrik she was used to her cheerful morning moods. And was quite pleased to see that she had found a song in the rain. Bethany set her food laden tray down on a table and said, "g'morning, master Ewen, mater Dahrrik, and miss Menolly. I see you've found your sing this moring."
Menolly smiled in the direction of Bethany's cheerful alto and said, "Always. What's a day without it's own song?"
"That's a true one, I've nver heard you come down here or to my kitchen humming the same song twice. You should listen to her master Ewen, she's got happy logic up there," Bethany replied as she gave Menolly her breafast and watched in amusment as Menolly ate hor morning meal only half paying attention, witch made her mistake her sausage for her bread.
Menolly suddenly spoke as she picked up her mug, "You know, we should work something out Bethany. A pattern of sorts. Some kind of pattern so that I know where the messy stuff is and where the non messy stuff is on my plate so I don't make a mess of myself."
She recived thre chuckles, and Fawkes' mental one as her reward for her suggestion. She smiled and hummed along with the rain as she ate, knowing she was making a fool of her self, but not caring since too much of her atteantion was on the brand new tune the rain had brought with it.
Suddenly Bethany stood, "Well I should return to my kitchen. Holler if you need me."
The the now cheerful cook left the room.

Menolly sighed suddenly and said, "I wish I knew what the song meant, instead of just the tune."
Fawkes rose his head at this as the two men exchanged an amused look.
You can, with your power over water, if you listen close enough you can hear the words.
Menolly griined at the Phoenix and said her thanks and then concentrated. Slowly she could hear a chorus of little voices singing:

"We are singing, because we are happy
We laugh with joy because we are here
We love the day, and the happiness
Of the little children, as they play
Amongst us, making us smile as they splash

So we sing,
Happy voices sing with me
Don't let the dreary day get you down
Look past the gray and you will see
Tiny raindrops dancing

Happiness is beautiful as the smile on someone's face
We call to you, tapping on the window
Saying hello and waving
Wave to us, we're falling
We're falling onto heads, and happy flowers as they bloom

So we sing,
Happy voices sing with me
Don't let the dreary day get you down
Look past the gray and you will see
Tiny raindrops dancing

Tiny raindrops dancing happily..."

Menolly smiled as she listened, unaware that she was now singing along with the rain. Dahrrik and Ewen watched as she bobbed her head to music only she could hear. Bethany and Ceri entered the room to find out what the commotion was and smiled as they listened to Menolly sing.

As the day went on the rain didn'tlet up, but soon eveyone in the manor was caught singing or humming the catching tune at inopprotune times. Life when Dahrrik's father stopped in to talk and he found himself witnessing Ewen Corinadis singing what sounded like a child's song. Or when the pair heard laughter and then two loud voices singing the song drifting out from the kitchen. Menolly even caught Fawkes singing along at one point.

The day's happy mood sadly came to a halt at the sound of the baron's roar of "WHAT?!"
Even the rain seemed to stop momentarily. Menolly and Fawkes looked up from thier place by the fire, and Dahrrik and Ewen could be seen wincing at the velocity of the sound. Bethany and Ceri poked their heads from the kitchen curiously, and others stopped to listen.
At that even Menolly winced from acroos the hall.
"No, Menolly knows her way around here. She doesn't need help getting around here, and she feels safe. She's very independent.."
"Rendel, WOULD YOU PLEASE SIT DOWN!...Thank you, as I was saying, maybe we should let them decide, hmmm?'
"I guess you're right..."
The voices faded and people exchanged glances and then went back to their work, humming once again.

Dahrrik groaned, I think I'm temporarily deaf...
He watched in slight amusement as his father and Ewen argued over where Menolly would be better off.
He rolld his eyes, "Maybe you should let her decide...I mean, it's her life too and she's not going to stay put on whichever shelf you put her on father."
I agree on that completely," Menolly's voice came from the doorway, "I am staying here, I feel comfortable here and I refuse to be forced into a trohpy case."
Ewen looked over at Rendel, "Well, there's your answer."
"I still say they'd be happier and Wrienth Manor. It's so much bigger."
"Who said I liked big. I could do with a two room hut thank-you-ever-so-much," Menolly said, "I'm not in the mood to spen months memorizing every inch of that place. And please refrain from speaking as though I'm not here."
The baron sighed, "Alright. I'll be on my way then...I'll come back later to discuss the plans for the wedding.."
Ewen rolled his eyes and showed Rendel out of the study.

Dahrrik chuckled a little as Menolly made her way over to him, "I think you won Menolly."
"I did? And I thought I had to argue about the wedding to," Menolly said.
"Oh, don't worry about that, I've got it taken care if," Dahrrik said as Menolly sat across from him.
There was silence for a moment before she asked quietly, "Do you want to marry me?"
"Yes," Dahrrik replied, "At first I didn't. I didn't want to get married at all. And then the night of the ball happened. I can't say I don't love you, because I'd be lieing."
"I can't say I'm in love with you," Menolly said, "Because I'm not good at trusting people since I can't see them. But I can try to love you."
"You don't have to love me Menolly if you don't," Dahrrik replied.
"That's not what I said. It's just that I always thought I'd be so in love that I couldn't think straight...and then you happened," Menolly spoke quietly.
"We can try to make it work," Dahrrik said, "But for now, let's just be friends."
Menolly smiled, "Alright."

The days passed quickly, and things seemed to quite down for Menolly as she returned to her daily rides, and her walks in the gardens. And soon, she added talking with Fawkes to her list, since it seemed they could talk no matter where the other was. Menolly also took to experamenting with her new powers. She had run into a couple of magical creatures in the forest, but mostly she sat on the edge of the fountain in the garden experamenting with her poers over the elements. She could even be caught singing every now and then.

As the weeks progressed, and as she got to know Dahrrik, she became restless, and a feeling entered the pit of her stomach, like something was supposed to happen. Something magical. She didn't know what, but she knew that Fawkes had felt it as well. Since it became the topic of conversation between them quite often. He also mentioned talking to a unicorn, who had said the the Warlock Falrroal was working again. And planing to kill Menolly. Not only because she hadn't died the night her mother did, and that her powers were a threat to him.

It was a particularly quite evening when things happened. Fawkes had come to the manor and he and Menolly had been lounging by the fire talking when suddely they heard the sound of shattering glass, coming from the front hall. They looked at each other for a moment, and then, dashed for the entry.

The front hall stood in shambled, wood pieces, and bits of rock scattered the floor and it seemed as though the windows had imploded. It looked like a whirlwind had swept through. Menolly turned white. This was exactly how the room looked the night her mother died. Ewen must have noticed it as well, because he immediately blanched. Fawkes went to make sure no one was hanging around the manor.

Though Menolly could not see the damage to the room, she knew it was extensive. She felt an evil presence in the area and she turned completely white, with no color to her face at all. She recognized that feeling. It was Him. The unicorn that Fawkes had spoken too had been completely right. She silently asked for him to come back as quickly as possible. He understood the urgency in her voice and immediately headed back.

When Falrroal appeared she felt sick. he slammed Ewen and Dahrrik into the stone wall and advanced toward the frozen Menolly. When Fawkes swooped in to attack Falrroal moved his had and Fawkes was slammed into the same wall the two men had. Menolly knew that this was up to her, since she was certain that the other three were out cold.

She backed up and put up a sloid wall of air between the warlock and herself. He smirked and began to pound on the shield. When he burst through it she sent wave after wave of fire at him. He just grinned and slapped them aside. Making the hangings in the room burst into flames. Menolly quickly doused the flame with a wave of water.

She realized that her powers were not quite strong enough to do any damage to Falrroal at all. She slammed into the wall as he back handed her. Please, help us.

She was not expecting a dragon when she sent the plea, but she got one, she actually got four. She dashed out of the house and behind the dragons as they faced off with Falrroal as Menolly concentrated on creating a ball created entirely of all four elements.

The dragons were tireing quickly, and Menolly was praying that she would build up enough power in that ball of elements on time. Suddenly, she felt it, a tiny ping that told her she had enough power. She quickly told the dragons to back off. She fired the ball of raw power. Falrroal was hit by it, and it flew him back, through a mountain and then he dissolved, as if he had never existed.

The wedding day dawned clear and bright, but Menolly didn't. She was extreemly nervous. So nervous in fact that she kept singinig the the song she'd heard the first time she listened to the songs if the rain. Soon, the wedding was underway.

As the cerimony proceeded, and Menolly and Dahrrik exchanged promises, Menolly made one extra, to forget the want to have her eyesight back. Because for once she didn't feel like she needed it. She now had two pairs of eyes, one in Dahrrik and one in Fawkes. She smiled as she faced her futre. She would be happy from then on.