You live by the sword you die by the sword.

The two warriors stood twenty paces apart, poised for the duel. One dressed a black tunic and tights under the black armor of a Samurai. Armed with only a Samurai's blade, he looked over his opponent trying to judge his next move. He could see nothing of his opponent save for the warrior's eyes. The other Samurai was also dressed in a black tunic and tights under red armor, covering everything save the eyes. The warrior was armed with a samurai blade as well as a long dagger.

The black Samurai drew his blade, as did the red, his mouth twitched in anticipation. The Black Samurai lunged forward making the first move. The Red Samurai quickly dodged following with a swing of the blade. The stroke missed and the Black Samurai slammed into the other knocking the warrior down.

The Red Samurai rolled backward landing on his feet, then lunged forward. The impressive swordplay continued on for a while longer before either samurai seemed to have the upper hand. Finally the tide did turn in favor of the Black Samurai. He had managed to wrestle the sword from the Red Samurai but he retrieved the long dagger and fought with it, but still the Red Samurai was backed into a corner. The Black Samurai smiled in light of the other's defeat.

The Red Samurai grunted, pivoted his foot to redirect the momentum, and shoved the Black Samurai back. Off balance the Black Samurai stumbled. The Red Samurai taking advantage of the situation launched into a flurry of attacks. A slash here, a roundhouse there, sparks every where. The Black Samurai fell backward, and the Red Samurai feinted the killing stroke, stopping just over the heart. The warrior let the blade rest there, while removing the helmet. The Red Samurai's hair fell out revealing (himself to be )that the samurai was a woman. The Black Samurai's, eyes wide in surprise then lowered in shame.

The Red Samurai knelt down beside the other warrior, removing the sash that was covering her face, and kissed him. When they separated he was smiling. "You're getting better baby."

"Or, you're getting older," she replied. She stood up and helped her lover.

"End simulation," he said.

As the computer program shut down, the armor, weapons, and scenery faded away. All that remained were the black skintight outfits they were wearing. The lights shut off after they exited the room. They stepped onto the elevating platform and it began to rise. They looked out the Plexiglas at the world before them. Hovercars streaking to and fro, structures stretching into the far reaches of space, and people of every race and alien origin scurried to their destinations.

"Back to life," the woman said.

"Back to reality," the man completed.