Born to be Used

Am I destined to be used by others?

Those who cheat and those who are cheap,

Am I too nice? Am I the type,

The type to be used by others?

The joke of the higher class,

Those who taught others to be cruel,

Many of those,

those who now are users or the used,

were once my friends,

now they are but traitors in my eyes.

Once I swore my love,

my love to another,

only to find she broke my heart by moving to a distant,

Then finding out she had been seeing others while I saw her,

Am I just the pawn of others?

To be toyed then thrown away like an old broken toy,

To be the bottom of a endless pit?

Or to be the keeper of souls?

I am going nowhere in fast time,

soon I'll be in a nursing home,

Physically I am strong,

Mentally it's a mess of lies and pain,

toyed emotions and strung up guilt,

Who am I in the bitter sweet end?

When all the stars fall on the cosmic plains?

I was once the one with the power,

the power of the crowd,

now that everything has fallen,

I must start up again,

hand in hand with my tortured soul and scarred body,

Was I born to be used?

To be the money of others?

To known as the lonely one?

Who am I in the end?

Just another number on a piece of paper?

I will then relies that I was destined to be used,

the toy of the crowds...