What have I done to this face?
That beautiful face.
It was like the lights and stars of heaven,
Radiated from it.
Like a happy, spiritual glow from within.
Now, it's a sad face.
A depressed face.
The frown lines are constant,
As are the bags under the eyes.
The eyes,
Once so bright and alive,
Are now dim and empty.
A smile just cracked on this face!
Like the bright rays of sunlight,
Dissolving gray clouds.
Another smile.
Dimples on the cheeks.
This is your doing,
You've brought me hope,
I love you.
A laugh.
Beautiful cheekbones,
I really am grinning now!
I'm thinking of you,
That's why I'm smiling.
You've pulled me through,
The depression is gone!
I'm alive again!
Thank you,
For always being there,
For being my angel.