Lazy days
Turn to lazy nights
Nothing to do
Hard earned muscles
Turn to fat
The kitchen, a sanctuary
A place to be
The television, constantly running
I'm wasting my life
I know I am
If only it was different for me
I might be out doing something
But it's not
So I sit here in self-pity
I used to be busy
Constantly on the go
No time to eat
Getting thin
Gaining friends
Life was fun
It was for a while back
But now it's boring
I'm so bored
Let me drive away
Let me hang out
Please, let me be normal
Why can't I go out past dark?
You used to let me
When it was colder
Ohhh, it was different then
Well, no, I don't understand
But that's ok
I'll just sit here and do nothing
I hate summer.