The air tasted sweet. I breathed it in again, and again. I checked my neck for any scars.
There were tons of them, I could feel them. My neck was probably bleeding to. My head was aching.
"Need some medicine." I said to myself. I stood up; the world hit me as a blur. My legs suggested I sit down, but I disregarded their plea and walked. My mind tried to piece together this swirling maze but to no avail. Where was my sword? I desperately searched for the jeweled blade. I fell to my knees where my frantic search continued. My hands raced across the ground. Where was it? " Looking for something?" A voice called. I looked up. The person's face was indistinguishable. "Here." The person placed something in my palm. I studied the object. My hands then touched a familiar crest. It was my sword. "Thank you." I answered. I was starting to grow weary. "Hey kid, you okay?" The voice questioned. I nodded my head. I wasn't a kid, I was thirteen, and perfectly capable of taking care of myself. "Need help?" I shook my head. This person could be the enemy. I had to get away. But I couldn't, my vision blurred even more, pain swelled in my leg. My leg? I looked down at it. The only sight was red. Blood, I'm going to die. I turned around a started to crawl away. I hated this; my elbows were getting cut up.
I didn't go very far before darkness swallowed me. I fell, but hit nothing. No, I was floating.
Then pain struck me like one thousand knives. I cried, no answer, only more pain.

I woke in a strange place. Odd machinery surrounded me. It was confusing, for never had I seen
such mystical devices. I noticed something in my arm. I froze, was it the deadly archipoah?
Those horrid creatures are known to dig into people, and slowly eat them alive. I panicked,
I wanted to get up but couldn't. I screamed jerking wildly trying to escape the strange creature
that had grasped me so tightly. "Clam down boy." I heard a strange voice call. I turned my eyes to
the direction of the voice, and there before me stood a woman. "Release me this moment!" I demanded.
I heard laughter coming out of a corner. Then again from another. I searched with my eyes for the person.
Then something caught my eye, a quick movement, a solider, only a solider could maneuver so quickly.
The next thing I knew a sword clashed on the table, close to my neck. In fact, it just barely missed it.
My eyes for the moment fixed only on the silvering blade above my head. Then with much bravery I gazed upon the wielder.
A woman? No a girl? "A woman?" I cried, not watching my own words. To which she responded with a cold and simple "Yes".
Then she gingerly pulled the sword away from my neck. She placed the sword on the table. Its emerald handle gleamed in the dim light.
The woman who had spoken to me earlier
unleashed the odd, yet restraintive creature. I arose from the table and placed my feet on
the cold hard floor. The girl just stood there perceiving my every move with circumspection.
I prudently placed my feet on the ground watching to see what the peculiar female warrior would do.
She didn't do anything, she continued to remain stationary.
A small bead of sweat found it's way down my face. I allowed it to fall onto my tunic;
I didn't bother to look at it for my gaze was fixed on that girl. More beads of sweet
trickled from my forehead. "Lilyanna, you shouldn't have done that." The woman chided the warrior.
For the first time the girl took, leave of her anchored pose. She came toward me and placed a
small cloth on my forehead. "Hold that." She commanded. I thought that an objection was in good order,
for who was she to speak to me in such manner. The blade in her hand sparkled and I suddenly remembered why she was in command.
I did as she told me. The girl facial expression remained fixed. Then she turned to face the woman.
She bowed deeply then stood up. "Sorry mother, but he deserved it!" She responded, there was coldness
in her voice. A shiver ran through my spine. I stood up, odd mystical things whined around me.
They confused me, and scarred me. "Where am I? What is all this?" I questioned the warrior and her mother.
"Your location I cannot reveal to you yet. But don't worry your are in the hands of an ally. As for this machinery,
I have recovered it from the ancient world. Wonderful isn't it? That thing in your arm is what the ancients call an I.V.
It gives you medicine so don't fear it."
I walked around the room, and suddenly I felt like a small child exploring the world.
" Why do we not have this now? Never have I seen such wonders." It was the warrior's turn to answer.
"The ancients were destroyed by there own technology. The survivors swore that this would never happen again.
They hid these wonders, then committed suicide and left the world for the children so they might start again
with out this hateful world. It was like starting evolution all over again. But it was for the good. Now though as the art of war
is discovered we slowly fallow down the same road as the ancients. It is like a cycle that won't stop."
I sighed and looked down at my shirt. Red stains covered a very small portion of it. Blood, she had cut me! " You, you…."
I started but ceased as she raised her hand and lowered her head in irritation. She shook her head and walked away. "Where is my sword?"
I asked. The woman handed it to me. I held the jeweled end close to my face. Its cold touch made me shiver, but I welcomed it.
I stood up and took the cloth of my forehead. "I shall go now." I stated rather
calmly considering the environment I was in. "No, you can't! You are not well enough!" The woman answered almost horrified.
I just continued to walk. I found what looked like the front door. I went through it. The sky was a blood red. Though it might scare many,
red wasn't an odd color for me to see. I walked into the hellish world in which I had grown up. To think that this was once an utopia.
I started a search for a hiding place. I found one near a large building. Just as I got there, two wolf like soldiers grabbed me.
I suddenly regretted leaving the protective wold in which the woman insisted I stay in. My wounds from previous battles disabled me.
I was as helpless as a baby. The next thing I knew the guards released their hold on me. "Run!" Lilyanna yelled. She took the lead as we raced for her home.
The soldiers raced in pursuit, but fortunately we could excel faster then them. We reached the safety of her home just as the two wolf soldiers collided into the door.
I collapsed along side the door struggling to catch my breath. Lilyanna stood abrupt by the door not making a movement.
It was as if she had no need to breathe. "Come this way," she said. I tried to follow but my scars retained me from moving.
Lilyanna returned and helped me up. She carried me over to the table where I previously lay. I sat motionless. I felt light-headed for I had lost a lot of blood.
My scars clearly visible through my tunic, I felt as if this was my end. Lilyanna grasped some bandages and began rapping my wounds. She then left me to myself.
I lay looking at the ceiling for I was too weak to divert my attention to anything else. I continued to gaze up thinking about what I had encountered these pat few hours.
My thoughts and my sword were all I had now. As time's slow hands passed by, I grew more tired and fell into the void of sleep.

"Wake up." A rasp voice snarled at me. I opened my eyes to the site of Lilyanna's
fixed expression. She pulled me out of my rest and dragged me into the kitchen. "Sit." She ordered as she plopped me down in one of the chairs. She handed me a bowl of porridge I gobbled it down greedily. Lilyanna did nothing, she stood motionless. Her eyes were upon me. I was scarred. After I finished eating, Lilyanna tended to some of my serious wounds. I thanked her. " Rest." she insisted. "But I just woke up!" I whined. I sounded like a three-year-old. She sighed and pulled out an odd thing. She grasped my upper arm very tightly a put the odd thing in it. My mind blurred and my eyes felt heavy. What had Lilyanna done to me? I fell onto the cold floor. Darkness sheltered me from my fears and I slept in peace.

I woke up to the sound of Lilyanna's scream voice.
"Get up and get out,"
she yelled. I sprang to my life in an instant. My heart was racing
as I heard the sound
of marching feet. Then the song I had learned to dread,
the song of my enemy.
It was the wolf like creatures. They would kill
us if we were found us here. Horrid howls filled the air. I ran frantically, ignoring my wounds, thinking I must escape. Lilyanna was running behind me. "Mother…" She called expecting her mother to be in behind her. But there was nothing. Lilyanna stopped and she let out the loudest scream I had ever heard. I turned around to see what had scarred her so much and then I saw it. Her mother's body, dead, its horrified expression scared me. I grabbed Lilyanna ripping her away from her mother's corpse. We took refuge in a nearby forest. We watched as the raging beast destroied the entire city. Lilyanna lay on the ground grieving for her dead mother. In the end, she cried herself to sleep. I could do nothing but watch over her. My wounds prevented me from moving her to a safer place. Finally, the plague of sleepiness caught on to me. And I slept, praying to wake still on this Earth.
Day brake came and Lilyanna was gone. I searched for her,
and I found her. She was dead like her mother killed by those beasts. She was never asleep, as soon as I had slept she went back, and she died. I looked around the once beautiful city. Blood in the rivers, dead bodies crumpled buildings. Such pain for what? Why was it worth to live, if you have nothing to live for? I pulled my sword out of its sheath. This, this was all I had in this world. Everything was taken from me. So now I end it, with the only thing I own. For the children of the future, I will take up my sword and fight. And then I will find my peace. Somewhere in the stars.