AN: This one goes out to Cb903.

It may be entirely coinsidence but a certain song reminds me of a certain incidence: Spring Hill
I close my eyes and your all i see
its you and nobody but me
the song plays on and i'm drowning in the though of you
suddenly the world is right
strangly i am overcome with comfort as if you held me tight
just this once i feel so sure of what i want & its you
sweet memories sweep me from my reality and i know this much is true:
you consume me,
i can feel your love running thru me.
should i disregard all the times i've doubted likness towards you?
or is this some sort of euphony that could shape my destiny?
all pain is gone
i havent slept in days but i cant even yawn
call it what you must but this is more that lust
right now all i miss is you
the song has ended and my feelings leave with it
cinderellas glass sliper will no longer fit
my dream has gone as quickly as it came.
my adrenaline ruch is tame
i'll still think about you everytime the song plays
i'll still remember those cool winter days
i loved you & you me
you were the one who set my spirit free
occasionlly i miss you but in times like these i'm just glad to have such fond memories

goodnight sweet price and may flights of angels sing thee to thine sleep. - william shakespeare