Wistleton Manor

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Authors Notes} I dont have a clue when I wrote this story. My computer tells me I typed it up on Dec 13, 1998. But who knows how long before then I wrote it. It's not exactly the best I've ever written, as I was only 13 or 14 when I wrote it (at least when I typed it.), and just getting into writting. But I thought maybe y'all should see what I wrote before I ever discovered anime. Since this was some of my earlier writting, there are some holes in it that I just brush over. I know that. But I really didn't want to go and rewrite it. I wanted to keep it intact so I can compare it later to other writtings. I did fix a couple gramatical errors, just to make it easier to read, but I didn't change anything else. Please R/R and let me know what you think of this story.

Wistleton Manor

Thirteen-year-old Shasta was running around to make sure everything was ready for her friends. As she ran around, she realized she would need more food, so she called her cook, Amy.

"Amy, I need you to cook some more stew, a couple more pies, some more lemonade, and maybe some fruit punch. Can you do that?" Shasta asked.

"How much time do I have?" replied Amy.

"About two hours," Shasta told Amy.

"Well, I guess I can do that. But the food won't be ready right when your friends get here," Amy warned. "It may be thirty or so minutes."

"Fine, fine. Whatever. Just go cook it now. I told you what to do, now do it!" Shasta said angrily. "Now, where is that maid? Shanika! Come here!"

"Yes, madame? What is your wish?" Shanika said wearily. Whenever Shasta screamed like that, it meant she was in a bad mood.

"I want you to go through the house and make sure the game room is full of everything a kid could ever want. And hurry!" replied Shasta.

"Yes, yes! I will!" Shanika hurried out of the room.

After Shanika left, Shasta went to find Melissa, the butler. Melissa was in the study on the couch.

"Melissa!" barked Shasta.

"Yes, madame?" Melissa said, as she hopped up.

"When my guests get here, I want you to make sure they're completely comfortable. I have a few surprises lined up for them tonight," Shasta told Melissa.

"Yes, madame. May I ask what kind of surprises you have lined up?" Melissa asked.

"Of course not! Tonight's going to be a surprise for you, too. Now, I want you to go and see if Amy has finished tonight's food," Shasta answered.

"Very well, madame." Melissa headed in the direction of to the kitchen, but detoured around a corner at the last second and went to her room.

Meanwhile, in the game room, Shanika was checking all the video games to see if they worked. Suddenly, there was a shot from the library and a dog's pitiful whining. Shanika rushed to the library to see what had happened. When she got there, Socks, Shasta's dog, was lying on the floor, bleeding to death.


"What happened?!" Melissa rushed in. "OH MY LORD!"

Shasta ran in. "SOCKS!" She ran to her dog. Socks had been her's since she was two. Shasta burst into tears.

Shasta turned to Melissa and Shanika, and glared at them with accusing eyes.

"Which one of you killed my dog?! If you don't tell me, I'll fire both of you!" screamed Shasta.

"When I got here, Shanika was already here. She could of killed Socks before I got here!" Melissa said, trying to save her job.

"I didn't kill him! Why would I want to kill your dog?! I loved Socks!" Shanika replied, almost in tears herself.

"That's a lie! Everyone knows you hated animals! Melissa, check her pockets! If she has the gun, we call the police and fire her!" Shasta screamed.

"Ar-are you sure? What if she pulls it out on me?" Melissa said.

"Just check! Now!"

"Okay. Pull out your pockets and empty you purse," Melissa told Shanika.

Shanika pulled out her pockets and dumped out her purse. The pockets were empty and the purse just had the normal female stuff.

"See, I told you I didn't kill Socks! True, I didn't like him very much, but he was nice to me. I wouldn't hurt him!" Shanika told them, now in tears. She was thinking to herself that the dog's blood had made an awful mess from only one shot. It was sprayed all over the room. There was one particular wall where the carpet under it was really covered in blood.

"I'm sorry. I was overeacting, but what would you have done if your favorite pet had been killed!" Shasta replied, still screaming.

"I'm not sure, but I certainly wouldn't go around accusing my servants," stated Shanika.

"Look, I said I was sorry. Now, I want both of you to help me figure out who killed Socks. Now, who else was in the house?" Shasta wondered.

"THE COOK!" they all replied at the same time. And off they ran to the kitchen.

There was Amy, standing over the stove, a bubbling pot of stew cooking.

"Have you been here the whole time?" questioned Shasta.

"Yes, I've been trying to finish all the new food you told me to make for your friends. Are they here yet?" answered Amy.

"No, they're not here yet. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure if I want them to come over tonight," Shasta replied.

"Why not?" Amy asked.

"Because, someone killed my dog!" Shasta told Amy.

"Socks? Why would anyone want to kill him?" Amy said.

"That's what I want to know. You were the only one that wasn't in the library. A shot rang out and it could be heard everywhere in the house, along with Socks' whining. Why didn't you come running into the library, like Melissa and Shanika?" Shasta said, accusingly.

"What shot? I didn't hear anything. I was in the freezer, trying to find some more pie crusts for the two other lemon-meringue pies you told me to make for your friends. Besides, why would I want to kill Socks? I absolutely loved him. He was the best dog I ever met," Amy said in defense of herself.

"Okay, if you didn't kill Socks, and Melissa didn't kill Socks, and Shanika didn't kill Socks, who did?" asked Shasta.

The four of them looked around at each other. Then the door bell rang.

"Oh! Gosh, I totally forgot about my friends. That must be Kady and Kenny. And maybe Tiffiny. Melissa, go let them in, and be sure to tell them their secret names, okay?" Shasta said.

"Yes ma'am," Melissa said, and went to answer the door.

"Hello, there, Melissa. Nice to see you. How long has it been since the last time we were here?" Kady asked.

"About two months. Now, Kady, Shasta told me to tell you that for tonight, you should be called only by Ms. Rainbow. Tiffiny, you will be Mrs. Lock. And Kenny, you will be known as Mr. Einstein," Melissa told them all.

"Why? Can't we just use our real names?" Kenny asked.

"No, Madame Shasta has suprises prepared for you, and she wants you to use different names. Don't ask me," Melissa replied.

"Whatever," said Tiffiny.


"Excuse me. I must answer the door," Melissa said, pushing her way through the three. Hillary and Bill were at the door.

"Why, Melissa. I didn't know you were still here. What a surprise," Hillary said disgustedly.

"Yes, it's nice to see you again, too. Anyway, Bill, tonight, you will be known as Mr. Jones. Hillary, you will be known as Miss Flowers. Hope you like that name, Miss Flowers," Melissa told her.

"Not really, but if Shasta wants me to be named that, I guess I'll take it," Hillary replied.

"Good, now come and meet the other guests," said Melissa, as she led them to the game room.

"Mr. Jones and Miss Flowers, meet Mrs. Lock, Ms. Rainbow, and Mr. Einstein. Get comfortable and Shanika will bring you some drinks. I will go and get Shasta." Melissa went out of the game room.

"What should we do?" asked Mrs. Lock.

"I challenge you to a game of Rocket Blasters!" cried Mr. Einstein.

"Okay! But you better watch yourself! I'm a very good Rocket Blasters player," boasted Mrs. Lock.

While Mrs. Lock and Mr. Einstein battled at the video game, Mr. Jones and Ms. Rainbow looked around the room, trying to find a game for one person. Suddenly, they both shot out of their chairs and ran for Mailman, Dogpound, and Fire Hydrant.

"I got here first! Go sit down!" cried Ms. Rainbow.

"No, I got here first! You go sit down!" retorted Mr. Jones.

Suddenly, Shanika burst into the room and started screaming.

"What happened?" four of the guests cried.

"Have you been to the kitchen? The cook has been murdered!" cried out Shanika.

"She couldn't have been murdered. She was just alive, wasn't she?" Mr. Jones aksed.

"Murderd?! How?" asked Mrs. Lock.

"Are you sure?" cried Mr. Einstein.

"I go to the kitchen to get your dinner and the cook is lying on the floor! She must have been poisoned or something!" Shanika replied.

"Come on, you guys. Let's go to the kitchen and see if we can figure out what happened," Ms. Rainbow suggested.

So Shanika and the four guests ran to the kitchen. As they neared closer, they heard screaming. The kids looked at each other.

As they burst into the kitchen, they saw Miss Flowers in the kitchen, screaming and crying.

"What happened? What happened?" Shanika cried.

"I don't know! I came in here and she was dead!" Miss Flowers replied.

"Oh, my lord!" cried Shasta. "What happened?"

"How should we know?" they all said to Shasta.

"Sorry! Gosh, I was just asking!" replied Shasta.

"Well, think about it. If we are all screamng about something, we probably don't know what happened," Mrs. Lock told her.

"I think it's time we did something about these murders. Let's list them first, then try to come up with some kind of connection," decided Shasta.

"Okay, first there was Socks," said Shanika.

"Then, there was the cook," stated Mr. Jones.

"And then... Then... That's all the murders," said Mrs. Lock.

"That's all? Are you sure? It seems like a lot more than that," replied Mr. Einstein.

"Yep. That's all. Now, can anyone see a connecton between the murders?" asked Shasta.

Can you guess who commited the murders? Was it Mrs. Lock, Mr. Einstein, Ms. Rainbow, Mr. Jones, Miss Flowers, Shasta, Shanika, or Melissa?


Amy, the cook, killed Socks. Earlier that day, Socks had come into the kitchen and stolen a steak Amy was cooking, and knocked over a cake she had baked for Shasta. Amy hadn't liked the dog very much to begin with, and that was the last straw. Miss Flowers and Shasta killed Amy. Before the party, Shasta and Hillary decided to have some fun with thier friends. They were going to stage some murders.

But then Amy killed Socks. Shasta was outraged. She looked at the suspects, and figured out that Amy was the only one who could have killed Socks. Amy said she had been in the frezzer. Well, there was a secret passage way in the freezer that led to the library. Amy sneaked through it and shot the dog. Then she ran back through the passage and pretended not to hear anything. When Shasta, Shanika, and Melissa came in the kitchen, Amy put this innocent look on her face. She thought Shasta had bought the whole story. Shasta almost had. She was still convinced Shanika had, because she didn't like Socks very much. Then Shasta looked over the murder scene, and realized that there were little drops of blood crossing the room to the wall. Then they stopped. Shasta realized the secret passage had been used. And it only led to the kitchen.

Shasta told Hillary that Amy had killed Socks. Hillary swore that she would get Amy before the night was over. Shasta told Hillary about the secret passage in the library. Hillary slipped through it and made her way to the kitchen. When she got there, she slipped arsenic into Amy's glass of water, which was sitting on the counter. In the game room, when the guests got word of the murdered cook, there were only four guests in there. Hillary was in the kitchen, despertly trying to close the door of the passage way in the kitchen. Finally, she got it closed it and started screaming so everyone wouldn't think she had killed Amy.

That's how the murders were commited.

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