I am solo in this world of water
only the sunrise visable, like the morning light in a little girls eyes
i crave this freedom
i find it only in this little ship
just my soul and this bread & butter
i am comfortable
but there is a treson at sea...
is it me?
it is a wonder, supernatural cover of war
the dark ones who eternal in damnation grow set about me now
o how they whine & crow
i am solo in this world of wet
and bitter is my temperment
i close the door to sediment and i relsih all my youth
i realize that i am doomed, fear of love and fear of you
but you give me the keys to paradise, it is you who sympathize
you and your perfection grow, i am cradeled in your oceans throw
i crave your freedom in this little ship for you alone can chart my trip
and like these waves i lose my grio and i sink into your arms

im breathing underwater
im sinking like a submarine
your oceans so much deeper than anything i've ever dreamed

haunted by a jaded past
never thought that love could last
hope was but a castaway at sea
skeptisism took its toll
closed the windows to my soul
i was fighting jus tto keep my sanity
when out of the noise i could hear you breathing
you came along and you got me believing
you would die for me

say what you want, mean what you say
remember the deepest seeds still find the light of day
do as you please, and be who you be
i'm telling you this thing is gonna bring you to your knees

i know your their
i feel your love thru my despair
you speak the words that ease away the pain
my heart is free, my eyes are clear
my soul is healed now that i've got you near

this worlds a tortured place to be
so many things to torment me
and as i stumble down this road it takes a toll
these days and night i turn to you
no human hand or magic brew will ever do
beyond this physical terrian
theres an invisable domain
where angels battle over souls in vast array
but down to earth is where i am
no wings to fly, no place to stand
here on my knees; im a stranger in this land
i need an intervention
a touch of providence
it goes beyong religion
to my very circumstance
god is there and he is watching
the signs are everywhere
god is there, theres no denying
its supernatural
in 6 days the universe was made
and from the dead a man was raised
they say he wlaked across the waves
and i'll belive it to my grave.