She scuttled through the dark and empty corridors of Hielmann University. She never touched the ground. Oh, no. She was much too careful for that. Touch the ground, and someone might see Her.
She clung, instead, to the ceiling; Her icy-blue colored nails, wild and jagged, finding holds that no mere eye could see.
The moon was as icy blue as her claws.
The rest of Her was cloaked in black. Moving shadows clung to Her, and Her hair was as black as ink, as fear. Her feet were bare and clawed. Only Her eyes, emerald pools, held any life. They watched everything with the intensity of the predator who has been prey.
She might once have been human; She could not quite recall. She was built like a human, though smaller and quicker. Her ears and fingers were tapered and ended in sharp tips.
Her teeth, pearly white and alternating between small and fanglike glinted ferally as she hurried off after a tiny dinner that was rustling in the corner.
A janitor trundled by, muttering perplexedly about the sudden drop in the population of mice in the University.

A young woman, whose name mgiht have been Megan or Susanna or even Maxine, hurried out of the student center. Late again. Mr. Mxrofer HATED latecomers. He also hated people who could not pronounce his name. Alas, more often than not she fell into both categories.
She hurried to class, knowing full well her teacher's wrath.

She watched idly as the girl came in. This promised to be interesting. This particular human became challenging when his underlings were late.
The girl waited timidly by the door, then beetled across to a seat in the back, as far from the dominant one as she could get.
Not far or fast enough. The teacher turned and saw her. His brows knitted into a frown and he opened his mouth, his face purple with ire.
She reached out and cooly dropped a large ceramic apple (inscribed, "Great teacher!") onto his head, nailing him squarely on the bald spot. He was out cold immediately.
He was only out for a few seconds, however. Then he was on his feet, roaring and brandishing the apple. "Who threw that?"
"Well, then, YOU," and here he pointed at the late girl, "are staying here for extra work tonight, or I am failing you for your laxness!" He glared about at the stunned students in rage. "Class dismissed!"
The girl groaned. To have to stay after!

After a grueling three hours of intense work with Mr. Mxrofer, the girl stumbled out of the building. A shadow followed her, marked only by faintly glimmering green eyes.
He watched also, one who had been called Ralph. He noted the emerald eyes and grimaced with displeasure. That THING again. It didn't like him, constantly thwarted him in his attacks.
No matter. If it didn't see him, it could do nothing.

The girl entered the library, wishing to the marrow of her bones that she could go home and collapse. But the class she had missed during her extra time with Mr. Mxrofer must be made up.
She watched the girl stumble to a chair and turn on the computer on the desk in front of it. She had seen the hard gray eyes briefly, and knew that the evil man was near. That was why She was following the girl. He could not be allowed to kill in her territory.
So the eyes played their game, each awarding only fleeting glances to the other. Then, apparently losing interest, the green eyes wandered off. The shriek of a mouse was heard clearly in the hall, and the girl jumped.
The man moved. He crept toward the girl slowly from behind, knife raised, but the girl's eyes widened as she saw the reflection in the computer screen. She screamed piercingly and dived under the desk as the knife came down with a resounding clang and sparks flew from the computer keyboard.
With a cry akin to an angry mountain lion's, She was on him. He could not quite reach Her with the knife as She clung to his back, seeking his eyes with Her ice-blue claws.
Then, both assailants struck the other at the same moment. The man crashed to the floor, yelling and covering his eyes, blood dripping from behind his fingers. Then, with a jerk, he collapsed, and moved no more.
Slowly, like a wilted flower, She sank to the ground, and the green eyes faded, and finally winked out.

Everything was dark. A young girl crawled from beneath a desk. She sobbed and ran, never looking behind her.
Tiny silver spiders began covering one once lustered green eye.