i have nothing to say to you, i have nothign to say
you take me and put mein the back of ur mind, you shut me away
until you need somone to talk to, im here left in the dust
cold, alone, and starving, surviving because i must
the only bit of joy, thats left for me now
is to have this wilting rose, which slowly starts to bow
with each setting of the sun, a pedal falls from the sky
but i fix it up nice, just to watch it die
you dont know what its like, to wacth it slip away
to wacth all hope slide off my fingers, to have only goodbye to say
and yet i clench my fingers, on so much of nothing
and i know its meaningless, but i know it must be somthing
you cannot feel what i can, you cannot feel this paradize
and though i know its wonderfull, u see it as a paralyze
now stepping into silence, its not my choice for you
but im left with no option, its what i must do
i have to slip away , to make things rite for you
i must look away, this is what i will do
i will never look back, but u know this is a lie
for never have i turned, away from your diamond eye
that cathces me in the dark, that freezes up my spine
that trips my innerself, and inprisons my mind
so u wheel me rite back in, as if almost by sport
as if it were a joke to you, a game of some sort
but i cannot allow , this assumption to grow
for i know your love isnt true, yet love for you is all i know
so until u need me again , ill be here shut away,
counting all the fallen pedals,
while the sun sets everyday