There is a price to pay
For the the mistakes you make
To discover what you do
It will always come back to you
I couldn't see before
Hiding behind closed doors
When you step outside yourself
You see the face of someone else
Making an angel fall from grace
Here in this empty space
Thorn in your side
Puts a dent in your pride
No one believes you now
Point already used somehow
And when you put out your friend
It will never be the same
In your moment of madness under your angry skies
You are not what you feel
This is insanity
From the shadows that darken the depths of your angel eyes
No one nothing is real

A rabbit's foot, A magic spell
A four leaf clover, a wishing well
Pixie dust and fairy wings
Lands long lost, and golden dreams
A rainbow leading to a pot of gold
Fairy tales with time grow old
Woodland sprites and tiny elves
Books of lore on dusty shelves
Unicorns and dragons from a time far past
Bonds of friendship through time will last
Honor, loyalty, respect and trust
These things are needed , they are a must
No magic potion is needed to ensnare my heart
Just your love will make it start
On this world from end to end
There's no greater magic then a friend

Cinderella sits in her glass castle
prince charming is no longer a hassle
the shadows have brough him to me as she did before
this time i hope he stays forever more
still i doubt his love for me
weve apart so long, how can this be?
my feelings blur into nothing
when i see him next will my heart feel something?
i fear my price is not my prince at all
just a victum of a teenagers lustful fall
my heart yearns for someone to love me again
and untill i find a new prince, i turn to you, my friend
i owe my life to you,
you've helped me start anew

to my tiger still burning bright
be my candle all thru the night
when i'm blind you help me see
im no longer seaching for love, ill let him look for me
it your words are true & he is left with love for me still
i am waiting and forever will
to the price i thought i lost, you seem to be returning
plez call me and say you love me, for those words my heart is yearning
All this and more...
I promise to you my love
Be it tomorrow, or a lifetime away,
My love grows ever stronger with each passing day,
I know that we are apart for now,
But love can make miracles,
I believe with my heart you are mine,
This too you shall learn with time...