In A Mind of An Insane Being

Exhaustion Can Result In Pure Misery

How I envy them. Children. They smile contently, without a care in the world.

Heck even teenagers have it easier. True, school may be a tremendous problem among the teens, but tests, grades, and their so-called "social" matters, is a joke compared to life beyond college. Work, bills, taxes, the real world. All of these issues are driving me mad!

When I arrive home after a long day's work, I cannot sleep a wink. If I do rest, nightmares haunt my sleep and I wake up drenched with sweat. Sometimes, when I am terribly exhausted I tend to take more pills than my doctor instructs me. But that does not seem to work. I get more violent, cranky, exhausted each day. I don't know what to do.

My brain has not been functioning well, at work I fall asleep and I get confused or forgot what task I am doing. What frightens me even more are rumors I just might be fired. That cannot happen. How will I make a living? Where would I go? I already owe so much money to the bank. I am not able to pay the rent half the time. I would surely end up in the streets if I lose my job. Yes, some of my other co-workers advise me to get some counseling, but that means using more money. And in the debt I am in, I cannot afford to do such a thing.

Now as I walk through Central Park, I watch the spectacle of children laughing, playing, and enjoying themselves. Their laughter and enjoyment mocks me, and yet, their mothers permit them to continue their mockery…how could they do this? It's pure injustice! Hatred consumes my whole body: my tortured soul cannot stand it anymore. Then, something just snapped. I knew those awful youthful beings should be punished. And if their mothers weren't going to do it, I shall. I charge at the playing children and abuse them, shouting vulgar words and striking them down. I hear some mothers screaming for help and they try to restrain me from their family, but they cannot do anything. They should've stopped their offspring's mockery. It is now too late. Now I see the police. Ah, surely they will stop this insanity. But no, they are shouting me to stop and giving me my rights. How dare they, how dare they all! I attack one of the policemen and flee. I run into the bustled streets of Manhattan, and before I knew it, a truck rushes towards me.

My body cannot move; I welcomed the truck I suppose. Because death, I am realizing, is the only way I could escape from my agony and this insanity. Finally, I feel the pain throughout my body, and everything fades into darkness. Goodbye dreadful world. Maybe now, I can rest in peace.