The turbulent sea roars beneath me, echoing my emotions
I watch, fascinated, captivated
As you twist and turn, churning with uncertainties
Your mind racing in a thousand different directions, pulling you in every direction
I am you, you are me
We are but one and the same
- Troubled lost souls

It would be so easy to step forward, cementing an eternal union
This is all so much bigger then contemplations on a starless night
The wind picks up, stinging my cheeks, making them feel as my eyes have felt
Only now the tears stream down my cheeks, I Want to join you
Effortlessly, Endlessly
One small step

A towel caught in your waves convulses in terror, struggling to escape
I would join you with out fear or thought
Content to be home at last
The clouds begin a torrential pour, joining my plight, crying my misery
Wanting to be one with you

Raindrops intermix with teardrops, falling to the open sea below me
Soon to join you
The wind tears at my thoughts and I struggle to hold onto rationality,
But overcome, it slips through my grasp, baring my Soul
Pain, Hurt, Anger
All writhing trying to over come the other, more viscous then the sea

I close my eyes, but see lightening flash
One step forward is all it takes and I'm
Diving, Falling, Speeding towards you
Slapped, I enter your arms, knowing you like to be evaded no more then I
But I am you, you are me
We are but one and the same
- Troubled lost souls

Darkness surrounds me, coldness envelops me
Shaking, Shivering, Tossing about
I feel a sense of calm overtake me and I settle into your arms
-Forever yours