By: Magelet

Donna sat on her porch in a dark, shady corner, waiting. It wasn't unusual that she was there, or there by herself,
but the fact that she was actually waiting for someone.

Donna had been on her own and lonely for he most part of her life. Oh, she had parents, sure, and sure, she had a lot
of money, but there was no affection or friends in her world. Frankly, no one cared what she did, and figured that, especially
now as a teenager, that she wanted to be left alone. She'd never had any friends or boyfriends, and everyone she knew had
had or did have a lot of both. She didn't care.

She was wearing her favorite outfit: a sleeveless mini-dress, leather jacket, fashion sunglasses, and mid-calf boots -
all black of course, with a silver belt made out of linked silver circles draped over her hips. She'd always loved the color
black, it made her feel warm and secure, and when she wanted or needed to be, it helped her feel secretive.

Now, the person that she was waiting for was the only person that she had ever loved or trusted in her life: Sirius
Orion. Just like the companion constellations. And a faithful companion he was for her. Allot like her in a great many
ways too. He always wore expensive black clothes and accessories were usually silver. His hair and eyes were like hers -
jet-black. Sirius knew how she felt about everything and honestly felt the same way; hating the world for the position that
it put him in, and only feeling comfort in her. They both, for one reason or another, disliked the sun. There were a few
things that Donna didn't know about Sirius: where he lived, his family, and why he detested the sun and stayed in the dark as
much as possible or dim lighting.

Sirius pulled up in his new mustang and honked his horn once, signaling for her to hurry. Donna ran down the steps and
across the lawn and got in the car. This was her favorite car of his she'd been in - and he got a new one almost every year.
It was black with soft black interior and windows tinted as dark as the law allowed.

"Hey Belladonna." He said as she fastened her seat belt. Sirius was the only one that called her that. Most people
thought it was an odd nickname, but it was actually her given name and no one else called her by it.

Belladonna leaned over and kissed his cheek lightly. She couldn't really kiss him because he was driving, but they
usually found time to make up for it sometime on the date. "You'll never guess where I'm taking you today, love." He smiled
secretively. "I've been just dying to bring you there forever, but the time never felt right. I've got something special in
mind for today."

They had driven in silence for quite a while, Donna losing track of where they were ten minutes after they departed
from her house, when they slowed. They were in front of a massive stone house - more like a castle or palace - with beautiful,
well kept grounds around it. Sirius cut off the engine and stepped out of the car, coming around to his girlfriend's side.
She opened her door and stepped out.

"So, what do you think Belladonna?" He pulled her back against his chest, arms around her waist, and rested his chin on
her head.

"It's beautiful. Whose is it?"

"Mine." Sirius sighed. "Let's go inside." He took her smaller hand in his larger one and led her in the huge, weathered
ebony doors.

The floor was slate tiling and the walls were painted royal blue. There was a gigantic chandelier suspended from the
ceiling lit up by real candles, not electricity or fake ones. The lighting was dim that way, the way Sirius preferred it,
and it almost had a foreboding romantic aura about it. There was a straight staircase going up in the middle to one floor,
a curved one going to a different floor on the left, and a hallway to the right. They all lead out from the enormous,
circular area the couple now stood in.

"Would you like the grand tour or just to go to my room?" He asked, voice booming in the huge entrance hall.

"Your room. The rest can wait for later. I want to see where my dark prince resides out of my presence." Belladonna
joked. She often called him her 'dark prince' or 'black knight, who wants a white one anyway'. It was funny, though, her
voice was so small in the hall that it was almost swallowed up. It seemed that if he whispered she would hear his words
louder than her normal volume in here.

"Alright then." He tugged on her hand and she followed him down the hallway on the right a little ways, maybe thirty
feet, and stopped at what looked like an elevator door. He pushed a button next to it and there was a 'ding!' It was indeed
an elevator and Donna and Sirius stepped in, the latter pushing a button on the inside that had an intricate 'M' on it.
"Don't look so surprised." He told her "I don't exactly fancy walking up and down all of the stairs all of the time, and
there are a lot. Besides, everyone else uses the stairs, and they can only use this with my permission." She was staring at
him. "Uh, yeah, I'll tell you in a few minutes." The elevator stopped and opened on an enormous room, the thing must have
taken up what would be a normal whole floor! "Come on, don't just stand and gawk, I'll explain in a minute." Sirius told
her. Since they had come in he had talked a bit different.

"Okay, what's up? You've been acting weird. Explain about the house first." Belladonna crossed her arms in front of
herself in a stubborn gesture.

"Alright, alright." He sat down in a large blue corduroy recliner and pulled her on to his lap, kissing her ear lightly.
"The house is mine. I own it, and I am sole master of it. There's a reason I phrase it like that; it has to do with who I am
and who my parents are. Now, this part is going to sound really weird." He began, sighing.