The night was cold, and darker than usual. Even the moon didn't want to be outside on this night. Only she wasn't scared. Halloween used to be a good time for the world. Full of candy and tricks. Dressing up and staying up past your bed time without getting in trouble. Eating so much candy your stomach wanted to exploded, but you forced it to take on more. Nowadays, it was nothing but fear of the unknown. Kids didn't populate the streets after dark. Scary decorations and haunted house were left in the garage to gather dust and spider webs. The world was a different place. The mocking had ended, and now it was their turn.

Everyone hid in their house. Every light on, all the TVs and radios were running, anything to escape to noises coming from the outside world. The spirits had had enough of the bullshit parade the humans had made of their night. The costumes, the snot-nosed little children running around getting teeth rotting fake foods. The punk teenagers getting drunk and smashing pumpkins in the street because they thought it made them cool. The games were over. They had all the control now.

Still, she had to get out. This was the only time she would be able to see him again, and she didn't care if that meant battling the spirits, he would be the same, nothing could have changed him.

She dressed in all black. A little hooky for the occasion, but unless they looked closely, they wouldn't know. If anything, they'd leave her alone. At least, that's what she hoped.

She ran up to the hill quickly and leaned against the large oak tree. It had been their when they had been kids, and she knew somehow, it would always be there. No matter what. She pressed her back firmly against the tree and closed her eyes. She tried to regain her breath as she thought about him. His eyes, how blue and light they were in the sun and how dark they could turn in a moments notice. His lips, how they were always the prettiest shade of pink, and how they always seemed slightly pouted. His forehead, always wrinkled in thought, and the way the skin around his eyes was always crinkled when he laughed. She almost began to smile, getting lost in the thoughts and memories of him, but she couldn't. She only had a moment to reach him. A moment to enter their world and speak with him for one final time.

She placed the necklace in the middle of the grass. The last thing she had of him. The necklace he had given her when she was 16. After tonight it would be gone, and she'd have nothing, but it was worth it. In her eyes, it was worth it.

She placed her right hand over the necklace, and closed her eyes. She could feel the cold grass beneath her hand, the damp feeling sinking deep into her pours and into her soul. Swallowing, she calls out his name. Softly at first, then louder, her wanting to see him growing stronger with every moment, her hope dissolving with every minute he doesn't come to her. With one final cry, his name bursts from her lips in a harsh, sobbing cry. The necklace began to turn hot, burring the flesh of her hand. Snatching her hand away quickly, she opened her eyes and stared amazed at the necklace below her.

It had turned bright, mad red. The engravings which had once made the metal so beautiful were now gone, melted away, to be forgotten. It was getting brighter with every moment she stared at it, the light becoming too much for her eyes. Shielding the light with her forearm, she turned her face away from the necklace, unable to watch any longer. She can feel the heat getting hotter and hotter, running up her leg and under the thick clothes she was wearing. She could feel it, digging into her flesh and nipping at her skin. She began to cry out, the heat becoming too much and her body begging her to move back, move away from the pain.

"LET ME GO!" She screamed. She could hear her heart beating in her eyes and she could feel the sick feeling crawl into her stomach. Images of him, dead, came to her. Over and over, more worse than the last. His skin burned, his beautiful eyes burned shut. His lips parted in a scream, but nothing coming out. His burned hand, reaching out to grab onto her, his voice whispering over and over in a harsh, raspy cry "Help me, Amber. Please, help me." But she couldn't. All she could do was watch her love die. She could almost smell it, and she could feel the vomit creep up and tickle the back of her throat. She closed her eyes tighter but the images would leave her. One of his arms so burned it almost appeared as if it wasn't even there. His clothes, melted to his chest, the green fabric bleeding with the black remains of his skin.

"LET ME GO ADAM, PLEASE! I'M SORRY!" She screamed, her throat burning in pain. She covered her ears with her hands and curled into a tight ball like she had done when she was a little girl. The protected feeling she got from it then didn't come now.

She felt the burst beside her, but couldn't understand what was happening. She felt the leaves and twigs scratch her as the flew violently past her body. She opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. She was paralyzed with fear. Her whole body resisted everything the mind told it and refused to move. Then, as suddenly as it had come along, it was over.

Afraid to open her eyes, she sat, leaning against the tree for a good ten minutes before finding the courage to peek out from under one eye. The night had ended, and Halloween was over. Pushing her matted hair away from her sweaty forehead, she sat up slowly, and looked around. The necklace was gone, like she had expected. Leaves and branches were spread out around her, but it was clear over the grass. Not one twig, leaf or branch touched a blade of grass. The only thing left, was the burned ground in front of her. The burned ground, with the message she had waited for all her life.