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The Tunnel, The Child and The Darkness.

The rain splashed down in tiny droplets onto the solitary car that sat, oblivious of the rain, in the dark-as-night parking lot. Its windscreen slowly, but surely, gathering the wet beads of the clear liquid. A small head leaned out from behind the cars side. Then, quickly, backed away as it heard the voices of three more.
The three unaware teenagers walked, slightly unsteadily, down through the car park. They jumped in the puddles; which were quickly forming on the tarmac roads, and threw insults at each other. The female of the three spoke up: her voice slightly slurred, but still recognisable.
"Where are we going? I'm getting soaked, and it's all your fault!" She exclaimed. Pointing one of her long fingers at the taller of the two male characters. He shrugged his shoulders and looked around.
The lone car sat in the middle of the open space. A walkway surrounded the area and lead to a bridge. He pondered which way to go for a few seconds and then the railing caught his eye. The long metal railing lead into a dark passageway several meters away. The passageway was not only close, but it was underground and was dry. He pushed his fringe out of his eyes and looked back towards his associates.
"There," he pointed towards the dark square in the distance. Both the others looked over. The small male grunted a response and was willingly going to follow anyway. The female stopped and shuddered; not out of the chill she was beginning to feel, but instead because of the dark, looming tunnel she knew was awaiting them.
"I don't know," she said as she looked at the two guys. "It's kinda dark down there. Why don't we go back up to the main road?" she turned and started to walk away. Not waiting for a response from her friends. Then she heard a 'buck buck' noise. She turned immediately to face both guys impersonating chickens. Fuming, she strode over to them and hit them both across the head. "All right! I'll show you two who's the chicken!" she walked passed them - while they rubbed their heads from the wallop she had given them - and headed straight towards the tunnel. The guys composed themselves and followed after her.
Behind the car, the young girl shivered. She had heard rumours about that tunnel, but she wasn't prepared to get up out of her hiding to tell the three to stop. She was so scared.
The nineteen-year-old girl stepped one foot into the tunnel. Her soft blonde hair curled in at her face. Her usual soft, green eyes looked stony black from the anger she felt towards her companions. Her clothes were soaked, but she ignored that fact and remembered the rage within her. The gentle thuds of her trainers hitting the ground echoed through the long, dark abyss. But still she continued. 'I'll show them.' She thought to herself. "I'm not a chicken," she said, this time aloud. The guys did not really pay any attention to her. They crept along at the back and tried to keep their composure.
A large splash sounded from further down the tunnel. The girl stopped. Listened. Nothing. Not a single sound. 'It's just the rain sounding from outside,' she told herself. But something in the air felt wrong.
"Uhhh…Claire…come on let's get outta here." The shorter guy spoke, his pudgy features sowing the look of fear. The fear made him shiver and his baggy clothes shook with him. Looking carefully, he checked all the nooks and crannies of the tunnel around him.
"What? Don't tell me you're scared already, Davey." She batted her hand at him to show that she couldn't care less and walked around a small corner that was ahead. "Now who's the chi-" she did not finish her sentence.
"Claire?" The tall guy asked cautiously. A slight gurgling sound could be heard and then a faint cry. Davey kept back. Crouching further and further down and walking ever-so-carefully towards the entrance. He didn't get very far before he felt a stabbing pain in his shoulder. He tried to call out to his friend, but a large, slimy, freezing pad was held over his mouth. Blocking his ability to talk, yell…breathe.
Suddenly, and swiftly, he was pulled backwards and upwards. His head hit the ceiling hard and there was a loud, sickening crack as his neck broke against the hard stone. The smaller teen turned at the sound, fearing the worst. He came face to…well…nothing. All he could see was the darkness of the tunnel. Suddenly he felt alone, lost and scared. So scared he ran, blindly, into the darkness. It was not long before his screams could be heard from the outside of the void that he was trapped in.
The little girl jumped upon hearing him scream. She quickly stood and turned around. She took one look back at the tunnel and then ran. Terrified. She jumped the small wall that closed off the car park from the grass and continued in the same direction. But then, sensing someone behind her, she quickly dashed to one side. Just in time. A large shadow suddenly flew past her. Her eyes were wide with terror as she lay on the ground, staring into the darkness. The black…the colour of death. Shaking herself, mentally and physically, she got up again. Tears streaming down her face she ran. Almost running into objects, which she dodged at the last second available. The shadow soon had caught up with her. Swirling around her feet making a slight whooshing noise as it did so. It caught her ankle and pulled her down. She cried out as she saw the ground rushing towards her. She saw the hard pavement flying towards her face and then blackness.

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