Chapter 4

I would never ask for normalcy in my life, because for me normal was drearier than a black rain cloud on an exceptionally dark day. Day after day I was corralled through the castle. I was required to learn history, language, religion, sciences, and politics; as well as edict, dance, weapon's handling, horseback riding or what ever else striked my father as important.

My father and his advisor's saw me as a piece of clay or a puppet that they could mold and manipulate. I'm sure that they had a grand yet bias future planned for me. Knowing this though made me become purposely un-moldable and un-moveable. At every single possible moment I made it clear that I was in control of what happened to me. At times I would argue, fight or even become physically violent. I hated turning into that ugly person but when I considered the alternative I realized that there were greater horrors that I could perform or become but I chose not to!

My history professor's voice echoed in the back of my mind but I did not bother to absorb what he was saying. There was no need to because the story was always the same. King rises up, King gives people hope, King piss's off a few people, King goes to war with another kingdom, King's people suffer, King's people die, King gets betrayed, King gets pointy object through important organ, King dies, people are happy, new King rises up, and so on and so on. The name of each individual king was unimportant to me because as far as I was concerned they were all idiots!

So I didn't pay attention at all and my mind was far away as usual. At the moment it was back in the meadow trying to remember every detail about the mysterious maiden. She had been wearing a sky blue chaise that complimented her fair skin perfectly. Her long, flowing, blonde hair had picked up the sunrays in such a way that it made it appear as if she had a crown of light floating about her head.

The maiden had been picking wild flowers, which I suppose was a normal thing to do. What was odd was that she chose sunrise to go about doing so. What was also curious was that the girl had fled the minute she was aware of my being there. Most young women, upon noticing me, practically swarmed on my position. Of coarse I found that very fact annoying but it was ironic that the only time I actually wanted to talk to a girl, she fled before I could say anything.

I shook my head. All of this thinking was completely pointless! The chances of me never seeing her again were just as high as the chance that she was a figment of my imagination. After all it had been very early in the morning. I sighed; when would this pointless existence ever end?

A heavy wooden cane slammed down on the table in front of me. I looked up to see the fuming face of my professor staring at me.

"Professor there's no need to get violent, its only history after all! I assure you the battle's have already been fought!" I said calmly.

"Indeed your highness. Have you been listening to anything I have taught so far this afternoon?" my professor asked.

"Of coarse professor! What else would I be doing?" I replied coolly.

"If that's so then would you please grace me with the privilege of hearing a summary of today's lesson?" my professor asked in a snippy fashion.

"No you may not professor." I replied bluntly.

"Why in heavens not your highness?" demanded my professor looking extremely miffed.

"Because my dear fellow to do so would be completely pointless. Last time I checked you were the teacher and I was the student and to switch those roles would mean that you are not as familiar with the material as my father thought. If that was the case I'm sure that he could replace you with someone more qualified." I proclaimed while leaning back comfortably in my chair.

My professor looked at me in such a way that I could tell that it was taking all his self control to not come over and strangle me, "Guards, please escort Prince William to his next engagement. I believe that we are more than finished here!"

With that he lowered himself into a quick bow and then exited the room while muttering something that sounded like, spoiled child, under his breath.

"Good day to you too professor!" I called after him while trying to suppress a small grin.

With that I was quickly led out of the room and into the dimly lit hallway.

"Prince William, Prince William!" Someone called after me.

I turned around and there was none other that Lord Carlson running down the hall after me looking frantic. When he reached me he gave an over dramatic bow and I could tell by looking at him that he was completely out of breath. I wondered if the man had ever exercised in his entire lifetime. By the looks of his plump body I inferred that he hadn't, ever!

"What do you want now Lord Carlson?" I demanded feeling intensely annoyed.

"Your Highness, the King request's your presence in his private study to discuss some matters," Lord Carlson recited in a regal tone.

"Is this really that important because I will not be forced to miss my horse back riding lesson for the 5th time!" I demanded, mostly just because I wanted to get out of meeting with my father.

"You can horseback ride after your meeting! Besides, only a fool would refuse a request made by the king!" he stated coldly.

All I could do was glare at the pompous man! Unfortunately he was right, I couldn't refuse my father. So I followed Lord Carlson through the endless maze of hallways to my father's study in one of the castle's towers.

I bowed when I entered the room only because I had to and to my horror sitting by my father was my cursed brother, Admare. As usually the slimy prick had a sly grin plastered on his bony face. His beady eyes, hidden under untamed charcoal black hair were glaring at me and I saw that his left hand was holding onto the hilt of his sword.

Try my best to ignore him I turned to my father, "You wished to speak to me about something father."

"You know I am sitting right here! You could have enough decency in that frail royal body of yours to acknowledge that I was also in the room," Admare said coldly.

"I thought we all new you were here when we felt the icy presence in the room! Why mention a cold, heartless, back stabbing, littleā€¦"

"That's quite enough from both of you!" My father roared, "Now I only have a tiny piece of information that I felt kind enough to share with you so could you little children please keep your mouths shut until I am finished!"

I glared at my brother but obediently sat down in front of my father's over sized desk.

"Now," my father said clearing his throat, "In a few days time the men from the inquisition are coming to are fare kingdom to rid it of all its evil. Now when they come I have planned a feast to take place and I want you both, mostly you William, to be on your best behavior. These are very important men I they will be treated with respect and dignity. They are going to perform a great service to all of us."

"A service?" I asked trying not to believe what I had just heard, "Father those men are cold blood killers and last time I checked there was no evil in our kingdom. This will only bring trouble to our land and honestly I think what your doing is completely and utterly stupid!

"Do you dare defy me, YOUR KING!" he thundered and I swear I felt the room shake a little, "Do you realize the powers you are messing with boy? These men have the power and the very will to kill anyone and everyone! They are supported by the church!"

"Father the only problem here is that you have let the church become more powerful than yourself!" I pointed out.

"Listen now and listen well boy," my father yelled into my face while tightly grasping the front of my shirt, "I unfortunately don't have the power to torture you or kill you for that matter because of the scandal it would create! Believe me though when I say that I have other ways to bending you to my will and I have a few more coming in a couple of days. If you continue on like this, and this is the only warning you will get, I will do anything and everything to you that I can."

"Is that all father?"

"That's all! Now get out of my sight!"

I left that cursed room feeling two sets of evil eyes burn into the back of my skull. I quickly went down to the stable's, saddle my horse while ignoring my riding instructor, and rode out of the stables. I rode as fast as I could from the castle and from all the rubbish that resided in there!

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