Disclaimer: Do I have to? Fine. I don't own Peanuts, Charles Shultz did, when he was alive. There, happy?

Just A Cartoon


Just a cartoon...

Only drawings

Nothing more

If it matters

Its in life

Who cares?

Feelings for a cartoon ?

Are you mad?


Something about the boy

With the round head.

The yellow shirt.


The star, a dog.

A World War pilot

And cool dude

with his yellow fethered pal.

A laugh out loud prankster gal,

her cute lil' brothers.

And the little girl

who liked the older one.

And all the others

I loved em' all

you think I'm crazy

to say so.

But I'm not.

You are.

Who cant miss them

now that they're gone?

For 50 years

they've made us laugh

and even cry

but now, we all must say


Okay, I know. I read another cute little poem in the memmory of Peanuts, and got around to doing something myself. Not my best peice of work(espessially the Lucy,Linus,Sally part-nngh!) but my first, non-insane one here. I hope you all like it okay, though. R&R. You're a good man Charlie Brown!