Inside My Mind

Looking around, in the dead of the night. I am not scared, I am alive. Finally able to roam, free of worries.
i smile, thinking about what I cause. The shrieks, the screams, the agony. I smoothen down my black tux
and choose my next victim. I open their back door slowly. Swift and sly like a fox I creep down their
darkened hallway. On the wall are pictures of many generations past from this family. I stop to look at one.
There is a family. My family. They are smiling. They have no worries. But they have fears. They have fear
beyond fear. I smile again and move on. How well I know this house. On the right is my niece, only eight
years old. The next door is the guest room, occupied by my parents. To the left is my baby nephew's room,
barely old enough to walk. I reach the end of the hallway, my final destination. I open the door. I enter their
room and walk beside my sleeping brother. I raise my blade and smile. "This, brother, is for you"