The Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires of Westminster. Part One:

Tony and his rather unseperible girlfriend sat on Mother Earth's surface and gazed up at the stars and felt so light and in love that they just started to kiss for hours, untill a quite disturbing shreak filled the air. It sounded way too close for comfort and they decieded to just curl up in there Indian blanket and just wait for whatever to pass. But alas, it did not. The horrible shreaking was volumizing in sound." Okay, that wasn't right.", explained Katie, Tony's lovely girlfriend; just so you know.

" Ah, yeh, well, aren't we supposed to do something?", asked Tony, wanting to do something but on the other hand, he just wanted to snuggle with Katie.

" We really should, I mean. What if something like really bad happened?", and in the instant they were up and Tony got a flashlight and turned it on. They perrolled the area and nothing seemed amis. But as a closer look was conceived by Katie, she found what looked like large footprints. They traveled the trail it took and it lead them to a very displeasing sight. A woman was laying on the pine needle covered ground with a two holes on the left of her neck. They ran faster than grease lighting and high-talled it out of the forest, and ran to the only house who helled somebody that would beleive the story, their best friend named Laurel.

"Um, hello, this is sort of an emergency!"said Tony and Laurel came runnning into the kitchen and to the door. Tony and Katie explained what has expired and Laurel just sat there in astonishment.

" So you are telling me that something that would appear to be a vampire has just killed a girl in the woods, that's original." said Laurel in a sort of humorus way.

" You have got to beleive us! Anyway, lets see Jordan; see what he says." exclaimed Tony. They walked to Jordan's house which was thankfuly not too far away from Laurel's house because Tony and Katie's feet were hurting like hell!They reached the door and rang the bell. Jordan screamed, don't come in, but the trio just came in anyway because they needed to talk to him.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" they all screamed! Jordan has appeared to be in vampire form! His teeth were long, his face like it was being pressed upwards and his eyes were a very light shade of emerald.

" I think I better say something right about now." and Jordan did for a least two hours. He explained a lot. Even the fact that he was the one who killed the girl in the woods. "I didn't get my regular pigs blood and I was craving for blood despritly! And she was the first person in my sight. I couldn't help it if I tried, and this is getting way too weird, even for me. But I should really tell you this now than later. My real name is Spike, and I was born in London in the year 1760, and me mum, I mean, my mom was a vampire as well. She bit me the second she saw me so we would be together, always, but it didn't work out that way. To say it shortly, I got pissed off and threw her in the daylight. Doesn't matter to me really, not my problem.!" explained Jordan, I mean, Spike.

" You killed your own mother? How could you?" asked Laurel in complete disgust.

" You don't understand, she told me that I wouldn't be able to grow when I was a baby and I was angry as hell! The only way I could grow was by swalling a potion that my father gave to me. He was a witch and eventually I killed him as well but all well. All I can say now is that I started over a long time ago. I found a family that doesn't mind my difference. I tried to keep it a secret."

" I guess I can forgive you, but I can't understand it. This is just too much." explained Laurel. They stayed up the night together talking about Jordan being a vampire and how Katie and Tony were witches, they were witches long before this has happened and Laurel knew about vampires a long before this happened as well so nothing really big changed. Untill the evil eyes of something big and furry all over layed it's horrible red eyes all over Laurel from the outside in the bushes, what would happen next you must find out later. Ha ha! : ^ )