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Painting with fire

A young girl is walking down a dark silent trail when a reddish orange glow is seen in the trees and wisps of smoke swirl past her face. She is suddenly filled with fear and starts running through the trees frantically, hoping that it isn't a fire and her house and parents are okay. She trips on the path and her knees start to bleed but with a grimace she gets up and pushes through a thick overgrowth of ivy. She looks up and sees her flames burning. She runs up to the door of the house scared of the flames but even more scared that her parents were still inside. She places her hand on the doorknob and flings the door open...just in time to see her parents enveloped in flames.

She bolts up in bed drenched with sweat and screams. Her mother comforts her and says it was only a nightmare nothing to worry about at all. For the rest of the day the little girl locks her door and doesn't come out even to eat. Her mother and father beg her to get some rest but she says she is painting...painting with fire. In the morning she runs out of the room with a terrified look on her face and she is gripping a painting and tears are streaming down her face as she runs out of the house wailing. Her mother and father sit there with a worried look on their faces but decides she needs some time alone.

Later at nightfall the little girl is walking toward the house with the painting under one arm. Suddenly a red glow emerges from the painting and envelops the girl and she gets a haunting grin on her face. She walks up to a vine trellis that is leaning against the side of the house and holds her hand up to it. In a flash a red light emerges from her hand and sets the trellis on fire. When the flames start to creep up the vines and spread onto the house there is another flash but this time the girl vanishes
The little girl is walking down the dark path her face returned to normal and the painting in her arms. She sees the red glow and the smell of smoke invades her nose. Her mind replays what happened in the dream and she screams and starts running to the house and once again she sees the house enveloped in fire. Although she knows her mother and father are inside she needed to make sure. She runs to the door and put her hand on the doorknob then jumps back and lets out a yelp of surprise. The handle is burning hot. She doesn't care and although it hurt she through the door open and once again sees her mother and father being enveloped in flames but this time it was real she could feel the heat of the flames and smell the smoke. She screams while tears run down her cheek then cries out. "No! Mama! Papa! Take me with you don't leave me alone!" She runs forward and is about to run into the flames...

"TESS! Hurry up were going to be late for the first day of high school!"
"I'm coming Lily!" A girl with fiery red hair and strange red eyes who's skinny, tall and pretty runs out of a house and down a hill with a piece of toast clenched in her mouth while pulling her backpack on.
"It's about time! I thought you'd never wake up!" a girl with long, black hair and black eyes who is short, but skinny and very beautiful, says while giggling.
"So I overslept a bit. Its no big deal."
"No big deal, hmm? Well I guess you like running to school in the morning."
"Me? No way." Tess takes a bite of her toast. "Why do you say that?
"We have 8 minutes to get to school smart one. Come on lets go!"
"Wha-" Lily grabs Tess's hand and drags her down the street.
They run into a classroom, breathless, right when the final bell rings.
"All right we made it!" Tess pants while she slides into a seat in the back row and lily grabs the seat next to you.
"Easy for you to say, Tess. Maybe I should call you Miss. Running Champ. I hate running, especially in the morning. "
"Oops, sorry Lil."
"Miss Tess, Miss Lily, be quite! Class has started!" A shrewd looking woman with mossy brown hair and glasses exclaimed.
"Sorry miss um-"
"If you had been paying attention instead of gabbing away to Miss Tess you would have learned my name was Mrs. Black!"
"Okay, Mrs. Black, we're very sorry."
Mrs. Black goes back up to the board and starts writing down schedules and droning away about what they will do this semester.
Tess leans over and whispers. "Teachers pet!"
"Am not!"
"Are too!"
"Am not!"
"Miss Tess, this is your final warning or it's off to the principles office with you!"
"Oh, um, err, sorry."

Later that day in art class.
"Ooh, Tess what are you painting? Lemme see! Lemme see!"
" Its not finished yet Lily, calm down!"
"Awe but I wanna see it! You're so good at art"
"You are too. So go work on your painting and leave me alone!"
"Grumble, grumble, fine! You meany." She sticks her tongue out at Tess.
"You are so immature, Lily."
"So are you!"
"Am not!"
"See your being immature right there, hah!"
Tess suddenly smells a odd odor in the air that she recognizes. She runs out of the classroom and sees a tree on fire with the fire spreading toward the art room. She runs back inside. "There's a fire outside someone pull the alarm!"
The teacher runs past her and looks outside and sees the tree being devoured by flames. She runs back in and pulls the fire alarm. Kids pour out of the classrooms, they smell the smoke and here the distant wail of a fire engine and run to the blacktop realizing that it really is a fire. "Come on Tess, let's go!" Tess and Lily run out after the rest of the kids and see utter pandemonium. Kids are screaming and crying, some are being trampled and kicked. Teachers are being ignored and shoved out of the way.
Tess suddenly jumps up on a bleacher and shouts out in a booming voice. "EVEYONE JUST CALM DOWN! IT'S A SMALL FIRE IT'S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT...!" she suddenly gets flashes of memories of the past of a women saying not to worry in a kind voice, then there being a fire and people burning inside of a house. Tess faints and falls off the bleachers.
Tess appears in a field with grass and trees and wind blowing around her. "Where am I? Lily? Where are you?" She walks forward and there is a bright flash of light and she reappears in front of a house...the house where she and her grandfather live. She hears talking from inside.
"We must protect her from the spirit."
"But why?"
"Because, if we don't the evil that is inside of her will reappear again, if does it may destroy many lives."
"Why can't we get rid of her then?"
"She is only a child, just because the spirit choose her it doesn't mean she deserves to die."
A bright light envelops her again and she is in front of the house, but now it's in flames. She runs up to it and opens the door and walks in, but she is now looking at the door to the attic, the place her grandfather forbids her to go in. The door creaks open and she, in a trance like state, walks into the attic room. She looks around and her eyes drift to a horrifying painting, it has two people in a fire being burned alive with a look of absolute horror on there faces. The painting glows and floats up to Tess and merges into her body.

"Tess wake up! Tess, please wake up!" Tess groans and her vision clears and sees her boyfriend Lan leaning over her.
"Oh my head." Tess groans and try's to sit up.
"Tess thank goodness you're alright! Don't get up! You hit your head you've been out for two days."
"Wha, two, two days?"
"Yes, we were worried that you may have gone into a coma, but while you were out you mumbled things and moved a lot. That must have been some dream."
"Oh! That dream, well it was more like a nightmare." Tess tells Lan about her dream and how fire seemed to be a main part of it.
"Well no wonder the last thing you were thinking about was fire so it must have been in your subconscious and it fabricated this strange dream."
"Maybe, but it felt like it was so real."
"Many dreams are like that."
"Yes I suppose so."

Later that day, after many relatives and friends had come and gushed over her and told her how happy they were that she was okay, she was sitting in her room with a blank canvas in front of her and she started to paint a picture.
The next morning she was looking the painting over it was beautiful one of the best she had ever done, but it was also very evil looking. The painting was of a house, in fact it was of the house she was in at the moment but unlike a typical house painting this one was engulfed in fire. She, happy with her work decided that she would take it to school and show it off. She showered, dressed and went downstairs. Her grandpa was of course, already up but when he saw her he nearly choked.
"Tess up this early? I must be dreaming!"
"Huh? Why? What time is it?"
"Its six a.m. anyway are you sure you are well enough to go to school?"
"Yes I think I am wait a second it its six in the morning?" Tess starts to back up the stairs. "I think I'll go back to sleep heh heh heh."
"Oh no you aren't! You are going to stay up and fix breakfast this morning young lady!"
"Dang it."
An hour later Tess is just about to walk outside when the door is flung open and lily charges in. "Is Tess comi-" Lily runs strait into Tess and the fall over onto the rug.
" LILY! Don't you know what a doorbell is?"
Lily gets up and helps Tess up with a shocked look on her face. "Tess? Up? In the morning? You must have hit your head harder than I thought!"
"Yea yea very funny come on lets get to school."
"Yeah! One day were I don't have to run to school!"
"Let's go lily or we will have to anyway!" Lily and Tess start walking to school when Lily notices the covered canvas in Tess's arms.
"Ooh what's that!" She cries pointing at the covered canvas.
"Huh? O, this is a painting I did last night, it's really good but kind of creepy."
"Can I see it? Pretty please?"
"Yea but at lunch time were almost to Mrs. Shrews class."
They walk into the classroom and see a bunch of kids with flowers and cards.
"We heard the news! Were so happy your well!" Tess sits down and cards, flowers and gifts pile onto her desk.
"Oh uh thanks you guys." Tess's eyes widen at the amount of stuff on her desk. Mrs. Black than strides into the room and glares at Tess.
"Miss Tess! What is all that stuff on your desk!"
"Ask them." She points to all the kids in the class.
A girl with strawberry blonde hair gets up and says, "If you hadn't heard Mrs. Black, Miss Tess had suffered a blow to her head and fell off the bleachers. So many of us gave her gifts because of her accident."
"I know that I'm not an idiot!"
"Then why-"
"Sit down Miss. Carrie!" Carrie sits down while glaring at the teacher.
"Tess, although you may have been hurt you still better pay attention in class today!"
"Sure thing Mrs. Black"

Later at lunch,
"Sheesh that Mrs. Black is one tough cookie! Oh yea Tess can I look at that painting?"
"Hmm? Oh sure thing! Let me go get it. I left it in the art room for safe keeping." Tess runs through the halls and walks into the art room. She walks to the painting and picks it up. The covering suddenly falls off Tess stares at the painting it was glowing.
"What in the world?" Suddenly a flash of red lights the room and Tess is floating in the middle of the room and she grins evilly and disappears.
"I'm back Lily!"
"What took you so long? It's been nearly twenty minutes!"
"Huh? How can that be?" Suddenly a wail of a distant fire engine is heard.
"Another Fire?"
"Well this is the painting." Tess uncovers the painting.
"Whoa! That's good! But did you have to paint a fire?"
"I don't know. It just struck me as interesting."
"TESSILA! TESSILA GABINVAY PLEASE REPORT TO THE OFFICE IMMEDIATTLY." The crackling voice yelled over the intercom.
"What did you do now Tess?"
"Nothing that I know of I'll be back, hopefully." Tess dashes off to the principal's office. She walks in and up to the front desk. "Um, So what did you call me for?"
"Tess come and sit down here please." A kind looking woman with short brown hair said and motioned to a chair. Tess walks over and sits down. "I don't know how to say this but, your house is...gone."
"What do you mean?" Tess says with confusion. Gone? Gone were?
"It burned to the ground, and your grandfather, he was...inside when it happened. I'm so sorry."
"Huh? Wha What did you say..."
"Your grandpa he's dea-"
"No! It cant be true don't say this. Tell me your lying. Please say your lying!" Tess falls to the ground crying. The lady sits on the ground and holds her on her arms like a young child. She starts mumbling about a painting and how it was her fault.
"Shh Shh, there's nothing you could have done." Tess pushes away from the lady and runs out of the building and out of the school and runs back to her house. Her tears stream down her face as she runs up to a house or what was left of a house with people swarming all over trying to put the remainder of a fire out. She runs past many of the people and up to the caution tape.
"Young lady, get back from there!" A policeman yells.
"Grandpa, no no Grandpa!" She starts to scream and yell she rips through the caution tape and runs into the smoldering mess and looks around frantically while screaming. Policemen scramble after her. She runs past a smoldering mound that looked like a table and sees a pile of what looks like bones. She runs to the pile of ashes and touches them while crying and she sinks into the ashes while hands grab her and carry her from the house. She takes one last look at the ashes that were once her house and faints.

She is on a field and she hears cackling laughter coming from all sides of her. "Who are you! What do you want!" She suddenly sees a mass of black and it is holding two paintings. Paintings that are of fire. Paintings that she drew. She looks at the first one and memories poor in and she remembers what happened to her parents. She had always known but now new memories were there ones of her being the one who set the fire. "No that can't be true! I wouldn't do that!" The laughter is heard again and she looks to the second painting. She remembers Lily saying she had been gone twenty minutes. She than remembers what happened during that twenty minutes.
She is in front of the house that she had seen in ashes but it was brand new looking now. She sees herself with a strange grin on her face walking up to the house she suddenly has a ball of fire floating in her hands she places them on the house and the fire starts to spread and finally engulf the house and the image of herself disappears. " Nooooo!" She shuts her eyes closed and wakes up screaming and twisting she feels hands clasped over her holding her down. "Let me go! Let me go! Grandpa! Grandpa!" She bites and kicks the person and than feels something being put in her arm.
"That should calm her down for now."
"I wanna go. Let me go..." She suddenly feels tired and weak and slides back into bed. Than for the first time she sees who her captor was.
"Lan? Oh Lan I'm so sorry!" She sees he's bleeding, and is very concerned of him.
"It's okay, I know what a shock this must be for you but boy are you strong." He laughed.
"It's worse than that Lan."
"Go to the school my painting its probably there get it."
"Which one you'll know when you see it."

A few hours later Lan runs back in with terror on his face,
"Te Tess what are these!"
Lan shows her two painting not just the one but the one from her childhood.
"Tha that's what I meant by it being worse than that Lan. I drew it I foretold it. Now I have to tell you something." She cried and told him her dream, no her nightmare.

"Oh my god. What can we do?"
"I wish I knew Lan, I guess I have to stop painting, But he will find other means to control me."
Suddenly cackling laughter rang through the room. Lily suddenly appeared in front of them her eyes glowing red. "You think I am going to go back to you after you found out I was there? You're very wrong and since you have found out about me I can no longer use your body because now you resist me. Fortunately though this girl will do."
"Lily? No no don't do this to Lily please don't!"
"And for her first act she will burn this hospital to the ground."
"No Lily don't let it control you break free of it! Lily!"
"Lily is not here her spirit is trapped unable to here you, you pitiful mortal."
Lily starts to glow with energy and a red ball of flame appears and she is about to touch the ground with it when her eyes return to normal for a second. "I'm sorry Tess." Lily suddenly touches her own body with the flame and instantly she is engulfed with flames. A scream is heard all through the hospital, not Lily's scream but the scream of something that was not human that was dying in mortal pain. The chard pile of bone collapse on the ground and turn to dust, and the window suddenly blows open and the dust is swirled out the window. Tess runs to the window screaming and crying. Lan comes up behind her and puts a comforting arm around her a single tear runs down his face.