Gigi diBastillo

"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to play with your food, Achretia?"

"My mother always said playing makes it ten times more fun." She said, watching her latest boy toy return to his groupies at another lunch table.

Of course this made Eliza break into fits of laughter. It made her feel like retching, she couldn't stand Achretia's... diet. Hillary should of known better than to ask that, although I think she meant it rhetorically, she thought to herself.

"Oh don't be so sickened by this, Gigi."

"You should really stay out of my mind unless invited you know." Gigi said in a dry tone.

She turned back to us, the gold in her blue eyes glinting as they do whenever she found something to play with, like a kid in a candy store. Her long coffee hair was falling in front of her face; she looked just like a model, that is a model with an... interesting way of thinking, a model gone bonkers. "Oh I didn't have to go into your mind, I just know you. You're disgusted by my feeding habits." She makes it almost sound like something's wrong with me, she thought.

"That's because they're disgusting."

"I don't think so, if you'd ever tried it you'd know that blood isn't 'disgusting'," It was obvious that Achretia was ready to go into some passionate speech about her favorite source of nourishment, "it's-"

"Please, not while I'm eating." Leave it to Hillary to stop Achretia when she starts talking about her nighttime habits. Achretia let one of those low-pitched giggles of hers flow from her envy envokingly full lips. She only laughed like that whenever she's amused by something... dark.

"All right, simply because I have no intention of making all of you ill here in front of everyone in the school. I'll meet you in the library; I'll make sure the science-report-rush doesn't get all the tables." She stood with cat-like grace and exited the lunch room. She probably just doesn't want to help us clean off the table, Gigi thought cynically.

"Hey guys, what's up? Where's Achretia?" Dianne came and sat down at our table, she's one of those people who thinks she's your friend but is really just a leech. An annoying little attention and mind sucking leech. They already had someone who sucked blood, so why not one who sucked your brains and spit them out?

"Achretia is in the library reserving us a table and so that she doesn't make us ill talking about her latest -er- conquest."

"Oh no, what poor boy did she snag this time? I don't know how she keeps getting these dates, she's not all that great looking and she's such a bitch."

"Yeah, she's not 'all that great looking', she's gorgeous looking, and she's only a bitch if you piss her off, which we all know you do on a daily basis. Wait a minute; why am I defending her? She can do that for herself and would resent me for trying." Hillary said, a bit jealous that it was so easy for her friend to be somewhat callous, especially when on the defensive, or defensive, or for that matter whenever she felt like it. Hell, if someone like her can't be rude, who can? Gigi thought to herself.

"I'm not an idiot, I would never say that to her face. I enjoy being alive."

Hillary whispered to Gigi, "And she doesn't even know that Achretia is a vampire." G, as her friends at times referred to her, burst out laughing.

"Secrets secrets are no fun-"

"Oh please, I thought we quit saying that in third grade." That made Dianne jump about ten feet, Achretia had just come up behind her.

"Achretia! Don't do that to me-"

"Oh stop whining else one might think that was all you knew how to do."

Dianne stuck her tongue out at her, which Achretia responded to by rolling her eyes.

Once they were in the library Dianne repeated her question. "So I heard you snagged another poor soul to munch up and spit out in a messy little broken hearted pulp."

"I'm hurt you'd think I would do that to someone," she tried to look innocent, but even Achretia, the best actress in the school, couldn't pull that one off. Achretia broke intoan evil grin. "But yes, Francisco finally asked me out."

"Francisco! You -and Francisco- are going out..."

Achretia's unnerving eyes got cold; silver. She was about to go on a major verbal attack. Eliza whispered to Hillary and Gigi, "Duck and cover."

"Yes, dear, what is so hard for you to comprehend? Is it the asking part, or the accepting part?" Dianne opened her mouth to say something, "And don't you dare say the fact that he would even want to go out with me," prompt closure of the mouth, "or else you'll be sorry you said it, you know I can make you sorry." Everyone knew Achretia could make you sorry; she had once made a girl who had gone a little to far over the rules of polite conduct at our school, who had a terrible singing voice, get on the PA system and sing all of "Glory Glory Hallelujah", twice. Of course Dianne had no answer for ready, she wasn't the wittiest person in town.

"All right you two break it up."

"Hillary you're such a peace maker."

"I know I am, Eliza."

"Oh, Liz, do you have my book?"

"Oh, uh... no."


"I know Achretia, you said you needed it back by today but I forgot it at home!"

"If you don't have it by tomorrow I'm going to be pissed, and you know how I get when I'm pissed."


They continued talking about different horror novels, and Gigi drifted into lala land.

An hour later saw her in English Lit, also known as Snoozy Snooze. Of course, just as her brain said, 'Hmm, Ms. Vean isn't going to call on me, time for a nap,' Ms. Vean called on her. "Miss diBistelli, what was the name of the mountain that our heroine, Jade Cuarine, lived on as a child?"

"Hmm? Oh-uh... the name of the mountain Jade lived on? That would be-" I looked around frantically, hoping someone would help me out,-The mountain's name is Mt. Basko, next time wait for Geometry to sleep! Mrs. Yoleski could not spot a sleeping student if her life depended on it- Gigi thanked Achretia silently, not sure how she could have done that. "Mt. Basko, Ms. Vean." She glanced at Achretia, expecting what she found, a look saying thatshe owed her.

After class she caught up to her, "I didn't know you could talk to me in my mind." She said rather dryly.

The vampire grinned, looking ever so slightly mischievous, as always. "Well your not my keeper, I don't have to tell you everything, although there is very little I don't tell you. For instance I don't give detailed descriptions of my exquisite gourmet meals." She added the last part rather impishly, explaining her smile a few moments before.

"Which I am eternally grateful for."

"Oh don't be silly dear, only someone like me, or a few other kinds of species I know, can be eternally grateful for something." She grinned, looking like something made to tempt the devil himself.