Christoff Jeardo

He worshipped her from afar; the only girl he saw. She didn't act or look or think how others dictated. Her beautiful skin; flawless like alabaster yet a deep olive, her lips full and rosy, a small button nose that added a drop of innocence to her face. Eyes, resplendent eyes that could drive a man to the point of insanity. Cascading coffee hair that shone and obviously silky if touched. A body, a body he dreamt of holding.

Legs that were shapely and long, so long they went on forever. A waist that was not small but in no way even a bit large, perfect. And a chest that was far to fantastic to ignore.

And that was just her appearance.

She exuded vivacity in the very in the every way she gestured as she spoke. Her every step seduced you.

He envisioned her every night, every day, every moment.

And here she was; she was at the club tonight. It wasn't any club, Asiiric. It wasn't exactly an underground club, although some of the visitors had at one time made residency under the dirt. Asiiric was only open to people of the metaphysical world, the paranormal. Werewolves, telepaths, sirens, zombies, vampires, selkies, demons, trolls, witches, spirits, countless more, ghouls (like himself) who were the lackeys of these people, all of them were members of the Mensilla.

All of them were welcome to this club.

Asiiric was mostly for those of them who at least appeared to be what grown humans would call adolescents. It was kept dimly lit by different coloured lights in different parts of the place, except the skating ramp, which was painted with special paint and awash with Black Lights. There was a bar which served light alchahols; beers and wines mostly, but the bartender didn't allow anyone to drink more than they could handle, which was generally a lot. Considering they weren't human.

Achretia wore a black leather strapless minidress that made every male head in the room turn. Although Mensilla's tended to be especially good-looking-well, you wouldn't let the zombies enter any beauty contests or a few of the others-lamia (born vampires) and witches were… above average, and the most powerful.

Achretia was both, lamia and witch, a Sillisk; the most powerful type of being in the world of Mensilla's. She wove an aura of power around her, a tangible thing in the air around her.

Oh, he wanted her so much…