So, After all this time, you have come for me

A lone huntress stalking over river and behind tree

Before, you let opportunity race by

And you loved on the fly

You thought that was enough

To keep me bated, keep me rough

And waiting for you to make up your mind

Sitting behind your chariot, I was left behind

And I was crushed onto my knees in the pouring rain

Left in a storm, as if I were King Lear in my pain

Nut unlike Lear, an angel parted the clouds

And I cannot believe the singing beauty I have found

She is goddess, garbed in gold and green

The most powerful woman I have ever seen

And I no longer needed you, or your needs to fill

For my Siren took me to the seas over the hills

And yet, now you are back, and so it seems

You want me to help fulfill your dreams

And I wish I could be angry, and vent my rage

And exact the worst revenge seen in any age

Yet, I look on you and pause

Knowing the pain I am about to cause

Dreading the moment with all my life

For in another, I cannot cause strife

Yet I must do it, huntress, for you see

The angel has always been with me

And in her arms Eden I have found

Where all silence replaces the sound

The peace I have longed for is finally here

And that is why you cannot come near

Huntress, I am sorry that you and this poet could not have made a better start

But believe me when I say, that I never meant to break your heart