Why Write These Kind of Poems?

Why do I write these? Well, I'm not a witch, okay? So don't go spreadin' rumors or nothing. I first got the idea when I was in Yosemite. Lovely, quiet creek along the way. It was a school field trip, and we had to write at least one journal every day we were there, which was four (COLD NIGHTS! BRRR!). One of the journal entries either had to be an essay, song, or poem, etc. about nature. Well, before my first one, Water, came up, I was already writing with this technique, and I really got into the hang of it. Here's a couple of my first ones before my field trip. They're only one verse:

Legend has it that we'll meet
And that meet, we have done
Now let us take the stand
And we three shall become one


Whisper, whisper, leaves to me
Tell me things that I don't see
Guide him to me, soul and mind
Help me seek him, help me find

See? So when I was in Yosemite and doing that journal thing, I was sitting on a big rock, a couple feet away from the river. I listened to its sound, and thought about how many rivers where in the world. How rivers can take you anywhere. And from that thought, I came to the idea of how someday, maybe water can take up into the sky. Stupid idea? Yeah, but I got a REALLY good comment from my leader about the poem! ^_^ My friend wrote a poem on a dude dying or something, so I must say my poem's a lot more... happy!

And as I continued to write, I realized how fun it was to think about nature, and how to put it all into words, thus coming up with these poems. To me, these poems aren't spells. They aren't for making a guy REALLY come to you. To me, they are nature. Hope. Seeing without eyes. They are supposed to be for telling a story. Telling something to you. To me. To... everybody.

So you see, these poems that I write, I write them to tell a story, just like my fanfics.

(Oh, my God! Listen to me! I sound like those prophet-y people! Aiyaa! -_- Now didn't that just totally ruin the moment? *grins* Haha! Thanks for reading this if you even got here! ^_^)