for: paperdoll, airtank, wonder woman, rocky, and alex.

to all you people :
you watched me go down in the flames.
watched me burn and suffer.
i cried out for your strength
i was but a weak flower
you were the sun...fried me.
until i shriveled into a useless
mocked me...made me the saddest
star in the sky.
going away where i belong-amongst the
the dead are forgotten-it is better this way.
when i was suffering, you betrayed me...
and destroyed me.
just had to water me.
just a bit.
alas, it is too late now. the damage is done.
i'm already there...already forgotten.

sombody, please, will you spit on me?
you go ahead
i like it like that
sombody slap me now. you hit me
i promise you, i'll like it
i promise i will
come on, daddy, just you do it.
somebody just smack me
you know i want it.
i'm begging you now.
i promise you i want it.
i promise i won't cry.
i promise not to scream...won't moan..honest.
sombody just shoot me.
you know i need it.
i swear that i'll like it.
i promise i won't bleed all over the table.
i won't make a mess.
not in this dress.
i promise not to be a silly girl.
i swear i'll be good
come on, baby...why don't you just shoot me?
you'll make me feel real good.
i like to feel real nice.
shoot me, honey.
i'm telling you i'll want it.
you know what i need.
you know i'll like it.
no strings attached.
i'll just die.
i promise.