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Lot 88

Chapter 1: The Evil Next Door

Burnsville, Delaware; May 15, 2001

The old man surveyed the land. A bare patch with a few trees by a small creek at the far end in the middle of block after block of suburbs was all a normal person could see. But there was more than meets the eye. Those businessmen always wondered why no one ever developed a house on lot number 88. Of course, they couldn't know why. They weren't locals. They hadn't seen this place like the old man had. Back in the city, you couldn't see anything like the lot. The workmen (who were locals) had an excuse for not developing. "If you dig deep enough, you come across a layer of rock. There's too many people in this area to blast it out," the men would say. Then, the businessmen would leave it alone, because they didn't want to cause any sort of discomfort to the landowners around here. So the lot just sat there. Thank God it did. It's better than what it could be doing if they dug it up.

The workmen weren't entirely lying. Sure, you'd find rock down there, but not a natural layer of it. It's a thin layer, really. One that covers a ceiling. A ceiling of a stone room, buried down in the earth. Lord only knows what that room held. Some say it's a beast with claws like scythes. Some say it's the gateway to hell. The foolish and scared say it's nothing. You're only hurting yourself by saying that. It's what the old neighbors of the lot said. Before they went mad, that is.

They saw stuff in their house. Doesn't make sense, though. The evil is next door. They said they saw people in the house. People that didn't belong there, like ghosts or something. The worst thing though, was the noises. All sorts of noises came out at night. Sometimes there would be footsteps, sometimes there would be people calling out like they were lost. But mostly, there would be screams. You could hear screams that sounded like tortured banshees in the night. Screams like all the pain and suffering in the entire world, past, present, and future were all released on one man. That kind of a scream. Hopefully, thought the old man, the new neighbors won't hear it.

The man chuckled to himself that anyone would want to move in here and walked away.