Walking home on a rainy day
So alone, and nothing to say.

No more shelter from big brother
No more inspiring, thoughtful teachers
No more kittens to feed, or dogs to play
No more happy tears or joyful features
No more friends to come and stay
No more teasing my little brother
No more God to take my hand
No more angels, now another
No more Daddy to help me stand
No more sun, only grey clouds and rain
No more caring, always solemn blue
No more smiling to hide the pain
No more Mommy to say "I love you"
No more bright poetry expression
No more wonderful gifts to give
No more needing for confession
No more good reasons to live

Running away on a rainy day
So alone and nothing to say
Brushing my eyes, keeping raindrops away
So sad that I have no reason to stay