she sat at the center of her bed, surrounded by lavender cented candles. her window cracked open just enough for him to come in. "you look very beautiful sitting there." she looked at him as a small gasp escaped her lips. "don't be afraid, i won't hurt you." he reassured her, as he walked over and sat next to her. "who are you?" she asked, admiring this chiseled beauty, "how did you get up here?" he placed his fingerr on her lips, "shh.." he whispered, "don't worry." a slight shiver went down her spine making every bone in her body tingle. the coldness of his finger melted on her lips with every breath she took. "you are very beautiful." he repeated. he moved in closer with the tenderness of a dove perching on a tree branch, kissing her gentlty on her lips. confusion and enjoyment ran through her body. her heart telling her to push away, but her body aching for more. "who are you?" she whispered again, looking deeply into his eyes, his eyes piercing hers like a million daggers. "you are very beautiful", he said once more, "and i want to make you mine." he reached in and kissed her neck, her body shivering beneath him. "you taste so sweet.", he whispered, his warm breath brushing against her, "i want you." he lay her down on her bed and crept on top of her, kissing her chest and neck. she moaned as pleasure raced through her body. his tender lips ran all around her neck, she felt him nibble, but gently enough to feel heavenly. he liked his lips as trickles of blood streamed down her neck. she moaned softly as he began to suck, tasting every drop of blood that once ran through her body. she gasped as he sucked the last drop of life out of her. he chuckled and sighed softly, then began to kiss her lips. the coldness felt comforting as he lifted her limp body and kissed her passionately, his toung penetrating her mouth and touching hers. his breath making its way into her mouth, brought life into her. she kissed him back with an intense passion and gently bit his tounge. savoring the drops of blood that were seeping out. he moaned as pleasure ran through his body "am i yours?" she asked with a smile on her face. she felt her canines graze her tounge. he smiled back, "you are beautiful." he whispered. he ran his fingers through her hair. "now you are mine." he gazed into her eyes - the eyes of his first creation.