Chapter 1
Cornelia Isabella

"In five years Nicholas will marry Annabelle, in eight years Hermione will marry Malcolm and Anastasia, Laurence. I'm
seventeen, the oldest, and not engaged. I don't even have a lousy boyfriend! This is no tall-tail life for me like it was for
you two!" Cory Storm ranted at her parents in the Drawing Room of Fairy Haven, her palace home on the planet Liife.

"We've tried to find someone for you, Cornelia, but we wanted the very best for you and never found him. What's so
bad about Rex and Philip anyway? Your sisters think that they are quite dashing! They aren't even your blood relatives, really."
Queen Sunshine retorted to her daughter, "And please, dear, lower your voice. You're not acting very much like the princess
that you should, and you don't know how hard it was for me when he..." she choked and turned away. Her husband, Cory's father,
and King James of Liife, put his arm around her, and brushed her curly silver hair out of her large sapphire eyes.

"Cornelia, why don't you go and visit your Uncle Jeremy and Grandmother Regina?" he said in a do-it-now-or-else-you're
-in-deep-trouble tone of voice.

As she left the room, she could hear her mother softly weeping and saying to her father, "She was such a sweet child.
Always so full of laughter and fun. Now she's an extremely moody teenager. Did we do something wrong, Jamie? I want so much
to be the best mother. I just wish I knew what makes her so unhappy so I can help my baby."

Grumbling under her breath, Cory headed to her room, with no intention what so ever of going to see her uncle and
grandmother, who resided together by the Northern Beaches of Liife. Knowing so, the crown princess devised a plan. 'I'll jump
to Earth!' she thought, quite suddenly. 'Maybe there are some good guys there, or at least people who will like me weather
I'm a princess or pauper. Me for me, and only me.' So she gathered her things that she loved most, she wouldn't be there very
long, for sure. Her stupidly over-protective father would most likely send a brigade after her, so she needn't worry about
returning home after the under-age time limit was up.

She put the three things in her fluffy pink backpack-purse that her Aunt Fay had gotten on a trip to Earth for her.
One was a miniature of what she thought the perfect man for her would be: a fairy with his black hair cut short, an earring
in his left ear (a little dagger), and a smile in his green fairy eyes to warm his perfect facial features, was one object.
She had drawn it herself at age 13, and had never told anyone. Another was a book of tricks. It was sad that it couldn't be
referred to as magic any more, thought that is what it is, magic was now the word for the witchcraft or sorcery, that the
Dark Craft produced. Finally, Cory added to her bag a vial of cordial that would help her, though she knew not how, when she
was in dire need. Then she transformed into her unicorn shape, with horn, pearly-white, and tail flowing and smooth. Her
skin became tender white velvet, with the exception of her crown-shaped birthmark, signifying her as royalty, a cool gold on
her right shoulder. She walked out of her palace home and just down the street to the Travel Shaft. These were large tubes
that would transport you places, depending on which tube that you were in. They had been invented ten years ago, and seemed
to improve in accuracy by the day.

At the Travel Shaft there were shafts to local places on Liife and nearby kingdoms, like Kloud Kingdom, which was
ruled by her Uncle Franki and Aunt Fay, and nearby planets. All the way at the end of the long hallway that contained the
tubes was one labeled 'EARTH'. 'Here goes nothing!' thought Cory, and stepped in. She felt a floating sensation that almost

In a moment, her feet touched solid ground again, and she was in human form again, looking fifteen, as Earth years
are longer than Liife years and dressed in, what was apparently earth attire. Pants in a rough denim fabric, called jeans and
a T-shirt that said 'Whatever!' on it were now what she wore because when ever you traveled via Travel Shafts, you were
transported wearing the appropriate attire for that place. This was no Liife! She was sure that there had been no malfunction
today. Though this planet was very like Liife, but she knew her home but heart, and loved every inch of it, even if she rarely
acted like it, this was not part of her planet (that was easy enough to tell, because the grass at home was a blue-green
color, not green, like here). She was in a clearing in a forest. I looked exactly as she had imagined her mother's, the queen,
to have looked like. There was a long pine cedar sapling in the middle of it. One of the trees in the ring that surrounded
the canopied clearing was shaped oddly, for just above her head was a perfect place from sitting, 'This is Earth for sure,
and this is my mother's Thinking Tree from when she was a kid!' Cory thought to herself. The princess saw a glimmer of silver!

A teenage boy stepped into the clearing. He had his back to Cory and therefor didn't see her. His hair was an
interesting phenomenon. Silver, like hers, it was, but with black streaks, it was the queerest thing she had ever seen! What
kind of creature was this? Black hair meant fairy decent, and silver meant unicorn, but he was no part pegusi, because they
had, somehow, a very soft, pale blue hair. 'He must be part human!' she thought excitedly, she had never really met one. The
King, when teaching about Earth, had taken there, but used his magic to keep all humans away, since half of the time they
were in unicorn form, for unicorn eyes differ slightly from human-form eyes, and they needed to know it all ways possible.
With a touch of her magic, Cory urged him to turn around to face her so she could see his face and so that he could see her.
He did, and when he did so, the boy revealed to her the sweetest and most handsome smile that she had ever seen, complete
with two dimples on either side. His eyes were without a doubt fairy, and so were an extraordinarily bright green, and they
smiled and danced merrily, as if a joke that he enjoyed had just been told.

"Oh! Hello!" the boy said, his voice was very much like that of her brother, Nicholas, warm, rich, pleasantly deep,
and smooth. "Are you new here? I don't think that we've met before. My name's Thomas, well Thomas is my first name. It's
actually Merlin, my middle name, that I go by. What's yours?" he extended a hand in an old-fashioned way of Earthlings greeting
one another.

Deciding to go for a good first impression, she left out her royal title, and excepted his hand, pumping it once and
saying, "Cornelia Isabella Storm, but I go by Cory." In response to his question added, "Yes, I am new around here, would you
mind showing me around?"

"Why not? It's not like you're some kind of alien or something plotting an attack on Earth!" he grinned roguishly
"Or are you?" but he added quickly, like he thought that Cory might not like him, "Joke! It was a joke. You seem perfectly
human to me, and no accent either!"

Cory flashed him a smile, he didn't know how close to the truth that he had come. The accent had been taken care of
just as her clothes by the shaft. He seemed sweet, and was definitely a cutie, but he acted a bit too boyish, in her opinion.
The sun, through a hole in canopy made his hair shine, giving the illusion of a halo on his hair. She smiled again and
followed him out of the clearing, then out of the forest into a bustling fair-sized town.

"This is the town drive-in theater, on the left, and this is the town's restaurant-slash-coffee shop, also on the
left. Here's the other theater, this one's a regular sit-in one, on the right, might I add, and there's the library and school,
both on the right also." Merlin acted as a tour-guide, almost sounding like Spark, who gave tours of Fairy Haven every
Wednesday for tourists, it got a bit annoying, but it was one price to pay for being who she was. "And here on the left is my
house. Wanna go inside? You can meet my parents and kid sister."

"Alright, I would like that."

"You know, the way that you talk so properly, It's like you're royalty or something!" he laughed and opened the door,
calling inside, "Clara, come and meet my new friend!" No sound responded, so he shouted, as they walked in. "It's a girl!" A
sudden scrambling answered.

A girl, about the twins' age, nine, entered at a run, sliding on the hardwood floor in her socks. She too had odd
hair like Merlin's, and was fighting to pull the stick-straight stuff back neatly into a ponytail.

"Are you Mer's new girlfriend?!" the little girl, Clara, asked. "His last one was mean! Are you mean, too?"

"Not really, just a friend. And I'm not mean." Cory knelt down delicately and asked Clara, noticing the mess that
her hair was, "Would you like me to do your hair for you?" her brother raised an eyebrow, but the little girl nodded
exuberantly. "Okay, take me to your room. It's a girls only secret." Clara took her hand and pulled her down the hallway that
they stood in, into the fourth door on the left. It was a rush of pink in the small room. It was cleaned neatly with the pink
stuffed animals on the pink-drenched oak canopy bed. There was a pale pink miniature vanity by the large pink bureau. Clara
sat on the chair matching the vanity, placed in front of it. "Close your eyes." Cory ordered the girl gently, then
concentrated, holding her hands, palms-down, and just a few inches over Clara's long hair. The bi-colored hair swiftly pulled
itself, at Cory's will, into a very grown-up, elegant knot with a short ponytail hanging from it. As an extra touch, the
princess twirled her index fingers, and the ponytail rounded from straight into many thick lovely curls. It now matched her
own style for the day, only her hair was pure silver. "Open your eyes, Clara." She whispered in her ear.

Clara shrieked with excitement and ran out to show her big brother who was very impressed.

"Mommy, come and look at my hair!" Then Cory performed her favorite trick for the child. She snapped her fingers when
Merlin glanced away from his sibling. "Oh! Did you do that too?" Clara whispered, with lantern-like eyes she goggled at the
dress that Cory had put on her. It had balloon sleeves with matching balloon pants, (all pink of course, in varying shades),
and two pink satin over-skirts to mostly cover the pants, except for the bottom four inches or so. The top a low v-neck with
elegant lace and pink suede vest. It was, except for the color, like the dresses that she and her sisters had worn when
staying a turn on Venus, a planet in the Earth's Solar System.

Then the mother, or so Cory supposed, came in. She had silvery hair and a star on her forehead! A unicorn! Maybe one
of her own subject's relatives. The lady must have noticed the same of Cory.

"Fair lady," The woman spoke, and Cory noted that she must have lost contact years ago, because this greeting had been
traditional until about when she was born. No one used this any more. "from where do you hail, and what be your name?"

'Boy is Mom talking funny. I wonder what Cory thinks. Mom sounds drunk, only without the slurs.' Merlin thought,
standing by Clara, who was still admiring her gown.

Cory, who had been trained in cases like this, tried not to roll her eyes, and responded with a grand bow, since she
wasn't wearing a dress and couldn't curtsy, saying "Cornelia Isabella Storm of Liife."

"Storm!" The lady gasped, "Pray maiden, what be your full title?" she was clearly shocked, and still talking as no
one had in years.

Cory sighed, she hated giving her full title, it was just too much. "Princess Cornelia Isabella Storm of Liife,
daughter of Sunshine Unicorn Storm formerly of Kloud Kingdom, currently of Liife, and James Christopher Storm of the
Unicorns of Liife."

"No!" whispered the mother, white as a sheet. "It can't be. You're Sunny's daughter? May I see your mark?"

'Jeez, maybe Cory's nuts too!" Merlin thought loudly.

"You just don't believe me, do you? And I heard that, Merlin." Said Cory, while she rolled up her short sleeve and
pulled it back to show the crown in her right shoulder blade, turning to show the lady. Annoyed, Cory turned the situation
so that she was the interrogator. "Now, since you know all about me, refrain from ordering me around and answer my questions.
First, what is your name?"

"You're a princess? A real-live princess?" Clara asked, clearly awed, "And a unicorn? Wow!"

"Not now, Clara!" Merlin said, thinking, 'They're all mad!'

"I'm waiting!" Cory tapped her tennis-shoed foot.

"Silvia Ruby O' Conner." Mrs. O' Conner answered

"To whom is your loyalty?" Cory questioned

"The President of the United States, of course."

"Very funny." Cory sneered "Be serious, not smart. You've annoyed me a lot, and I don't get annoyed very easily."

"I am being serious. I've decided to live my life as a human." The woman replied with a look of the utmost loathing
on her face before turning to her children and saying, "This is why you don't have an Uncle Cory. It's her fault, as well as
her mother's and father's. It's all their faults that he died when he was fourteen."

"Shut-up!" Cory hollered, "I don't care what happened to him or my parents. It's his fault I go by a boy's name.
Everyone loves my siblings and dislikes me because they know what happened and think I'm called Cory because of two guilty
consciences. I finally got the brains to leave, and you ruin my life here! Allow me to thank you!" she screamed

"I don't care. I'll tell you one thing though. Stay away from my children." Their mother retorted.

"How can you give the pretence of caring about them? After what you're done to them! What are they?" Cory whispered

"Part human, fairy, and unicorn. Now leave!"

"Fine, I will! And I'm taking my friend with me, poor thing that he is!" the princess cried, grabbing Merlin's arm,
and started out the door, almost wishing that she was home and concentrating on her favorite place there, a field by a forest
intently, but without really knowing it. There was no door there.

She was home and back in her dress from earlier that day. The dress was cream-colored with a brown leather vest and
boots. Nothing too fancy. It was form fitting up top and only had two skirts and underskirts. She knew royals could do the
Transportation Trick, but she didn't know how it was done. Cory knew how it had been possible, though, for her to perform the
trick. It had been less than an hour since she traveled to Earth, and Merlin had come because she was gripping his arm so
hard. Jumping with surprise when she turned to look at him, she realized that she was gripping the arm of a nineteen-year-old.
'Of course. Our years are shorter.' She remembered, 'But wow. He's dreamy.'

"I always wondered why I could do magic tricks without the trick." Merlin wondered aloud. "That's why I go by Merlin.
Oh, and by the way, you can call me Mer." He showed his dimpled smile, making her melt. It had gotten better. Way better.
The dimples were deeper and the smile wider. Definitely better. "I feel like Aristotle. I'm seeing unicorns!" his smile
turned lop-sided in an ironic sense.

"So you don't hate me?" Cory asked him, half amazed, "Or think I'm a freak because of what and who I am?"

"Why would I hate you? And I've always known that unicorns and fairies existed, even if no one told me, I just knew."

"Well, you might hate me because it's my mother's fault that your uncle killed himself, I guess. That's what your
mother was throwing about."

"Nah, never knew the guy, well of course, he's dead, but he was probably a jerk. No offence to your mom or whatever,
but what kind of guy kills himself because he hurt his crush's boyfriend? Oh, and nice dress."

"Fiancé," Cory corrected, "but I get your point, and I agree, thanks on the dress." She glanced around. "I don't
remember that cottage here, but maybe we're not where I think we are. Let's go over there and ask directions." She pointed
to a small painted house, made of wood, with a thatched roof and a small garden out back. "If you see anything that surprises
you, whatever you do, don't let on to your ignorance. Some people don't like humans or even partial-humans, like you are."
Cory instructed firmly, as they approached the hut.

"Gooday, Lassie." Said a fairy in about his middle to older years, who was working out in the garden watering some

"Good day sir." Cory responded

"Alfred's my name, well first one, in any case. What's yours, and what can I do for ya?" he smiled at the pair.

"Stormy, well it's my nickname and what my mum calls me. It's that because some people say that I look like the
Crown Princess Cornelia!" she giggled

"That you do, lass." Alfred said in response, smiling once more.

"Oh, and my friend's name is Merlin." Cory said quickly, indicating, Mer.

"Oh? And why doesn't he introduce himself?" The fairy questioned

"He's very shy and has temporarily lost his voice to a cold" She fibbed, hoping that it would work.

"Interesting background this one has." He stepped over and gazed intently at Mer.

"You're a past-teller?!" Cory exclaimed, half excited, half frightened. That kind of fairy was rare, and was told to
see right through you. Though the man looked friendly, anyone could be a traitor, and she and Mer were really helpless as a
result of her not paying attention to defense tutor.

"You're part fairy, part unicorn, and part human. Very interesting, Thomas. Your hair, really, is what gives you away.
It tells it all. No true human has black hair; it's fairy blood that does that. Silver hair, pride, and respect for fellow
unicorns are unicorn blood traits. Yet if you were only those two mixed, you'd have the silvery-blue hair of all pegusi.
Human blood gives you a want for complete secrecy, and plenty of ignorance." He laughed a Mer's shocked look. "I don't need
to know you or even be aquatinted with you, I can read your aura. As I can read your lady friend's. She lied to me to protect
you incase I was a bad person who might want to harm you. She is of pure royal unicorn blood and decent. She is the Crown
Princess Cornelia that she told that she was said to look like, and for whom is offered a twenty million light reward if you
bring her home safely, and a ½ million light reward for and information." He smiled at her and winked. "You should have let
them know that you were only out with this young man, not run away, milady." He scolded teasingly. Cory opened her mouth to
respond, but he must have read her mind. "What, afraid your parents will find out that he's part human and won't like him?
Or that he has no royal blood in him? Well the fairy blood in him has a strong royal background, no doubt, Princess."

"Pardon me, Mr. Alfred, sir, but which way is Fairy Haven?" Cory questioned suddenly, causing the man to point due
north. "Please come with us, sir, and you shall receive your reward." Cory said.