Title: Alice

Disclaimer: these are not my poems! They belong to a very good friend of mine named Alice, she's a very talented poet and she's also the one who inspired me to start writing for other people…thanx Alice!

A/N: Alice never told me what she wanted to say so I'll just do it for her. The first one is her first rhyming poem ever, and the second one is one of my favorites, it's about how harsh life can be when you don't have anyone to care for you. She never really said that, but that's what I got from it….by the way, my name is Son and you'll usually see me in the Anime section under DBZ, which is why most of you probably don't know me.

"Dream Fields"

Collapsing on the welcoming grass, gazing at the forever cerulean sky

Dandelions riding on the breezes, whisking their feathers awry

Violets swaying peacefully, their delicate petals kissing my face

Breezes whispering messages to all those they grace

Dreaming, dreaming….dreaming the sweetest of dreams

Of frolicking under the rays of moonbeams

Skipping pebbles on the glistening lake

Eternally captured in my mid-wake

As I lay here on my Dream Field

"The Forgotten Rose"

Withered, fragile

Shriveling from the cruel world

A dry tear funning down her limbs

A slow, lonely death

But a dark crimson color now

Like the dry blood from a wound of the slashed heart

Camouflaged by the comings and goings of Mother Earth

Never knowing the warmth of a kind soul

A/N: see, now weren't those poems good?! I admire Alice so much for her skill and intuitive writings, I think that her poems are just beautiful and I wish I could write them. It doesn't take much to write a short story or epic, just enough skill to know where to end paragraphs and to spell correctly, but it takes an extraction of the soul to write poetry….that is why I admire Alice so much. I guess I never really told her why she inspired me so much…I guess I'm telling her now.