Title: A Leap of Fear

Disclaimer: I do not own these poems, my dear and wonderful friend Alice does, she deserves the credit, not me. However, neither of us owns anything affiliated with last Tuesday's tragedy, so don't sue either of us for that.

A/N: I read the authors note on mine and htmLords website, this poem is about the people who jumped off the tops of the twin towers before they collapsed. This is a very hard poem to read, but be sure to read it all the way through…before you decide to take a lunge.

"A Leap of Fear"

I peer over the ledge…

Down at the tiny specks of movement

I can feel the heat brushing the back of my neck

Challenging my conscience

I cough as the smoke greets my nose, dusting my lungs

I close my eyes, and suck in a ragged breath

I stare heaven-ward and think about my beloved mother, sobbing over my corpse

My dear father, trying to hold onto his only bit of strength

My innocent little brother, confused and an only child now

Heaven forbid…

I stare down at the street again, shakily gripping the ledge

Fear cripples my knees…

And then I take the lunge

A/N: this has now moved itself up to my favorite poem of hers, I don't know much about poetry, but I do know about feeling, and this poem has feeling…There, my shortest A/N ever. There's no need to say any more.