My Baby:

My baby's gone
He left without telling me
I thought that everything
was going great
I didn't think there was anything wrong
We were so in love
So why did he have to leave?
I thought he really cared
for me
He promised he'd never leave
My baby lied to me
He broke my heart tremendously
Such an overwhelming pain
absorbs me ... entirely
He said he wasn't like all the
other guys
He said he'd never break my heart
He'd love me unconditionally
But then he left me questioning
His absence seems so deafening
I gave him all of me
because i trusted in him
I trusted in the things he'd say
the was he'd caress me
But now my baby's gone
He left without telling me
He left me wondering...
Maybe I was too blind to see
Caught up in my fantasy
I thought that we were meant
to be
I didn't see the signs he threw
at me