No-Never Again

All along I thought it was for real, but you deceived me instead. Tell me, did you get what you wanted from me? That I don't know. I've been a fool to believe, but now I know...

And NO, I won't believe you again

No, I won't trust you no more: The way you betrayed me before (Never gonna happen again)

No, I'm not gonna see you: Cause you never really wanted to see me

No, you don't have to be there: When I needed you, you were nowhere

No you don't need to come: I waited and waited-you never came

No, you don't need to lie: Cause I always knew you were

No, I don't need happiness from you: Your impression tells me you never intended to

No, I won't be there: Because I'm somewhere else

No, I don't need cheers: All along you gave me jeers

No, you don't need to be sweet: In your heart you were always bitter

No, I don't need your friendship: All along we never had a relationship

No, I'm not your light: There are others out there

No, you're not my light: You're only my darkness

No, you're not my knight: When I was in need you couldn't even fight

No, I don't need courage nor confidence: You always out me down/believed I was a coward

No, I was never right: You believed I was wrong

No, you don't need to listen to me: When I ask you what I said, you say "I didn't hear"

No, you don't need to pretend: I always knew you had

No, you don't need to remember me: We don't have any memories

No, you don't need to care: All the time I was only a scare

No, I don't need your pride: Fear is what you gave me

No, I won't say yes: You'll say I'm only a pest

No, you don't need me: I only get in the way

No, you don't need my love: You never paid attention to it

No, I don't need your love: Because it's not real

No, there's no truth: It's all a LIE

No, I'm just someone: That's why I became a pawn

No, I'm not your angel: Cause you say I'm hell's princess

No, I won't stay: Cause you just want to play

No, I'm not dumb, or stupid, or lame, or an idiot because I have learned that I:

Never again be lured in your trap

Never again be played by you

Never again be hurt by you

Never again to believe what's not real

Never again should I trust you

Never again will I be a pawn

Never again would I be deceived.

But only the future holds the truth and answers to my questions. Waiting is forever-but-sometimes forever is never, but who knows. Should I wait all through eternity for happiness, answers, love and healing?

"Today I die, tomorrow I go on a never ending journey."

We only have one life to live.