Once there was a beaver. The beaver's name was Gimbalos. Gimbalos lived in a whore house. ONe day, the beaver was whored to a young man named Scott. Since it was Scott's unbirthday, the beaver decided to jump out of a cake stark raving naked. (Except, of course, for stratigically placed waffles.)

On the way to Scott's house, the beaver was uncerimonisly stopped by the cops. Now, since the beaver was naked, save for the waffles, the cop decided to take Gimbalos in. "Wait!" Gimbalos cried. "Are you officer Newt?" she asked. "I am," replied Newt. "I have a strip o gram for you!"

After the performance, Gimbalos continued her drive to Scott's house. But to her surprise, Scott was a duck. Scott ran out, and being a duck, pecked the waffles off Gimbalos, leaving her nude in the street.

After this embarrassing incident, Gimbalos decidied to pursue a career as a Weenie Wagon Driver for Oscar Meyer.