Gimbalos is a beaver that likes waffles. Once upon a time, Gimbalos asked the waffle to marry her. Seeing as waffles have no mouth, the waffle just sat there motionless on the plate. Once again, Gimbalos was heartbroken. Gimbalos always seemed down on her luck. There was the time she tried to jump out of Scott's birthday cake clad only in waffles, of the time she tried to sell her body to Morgan, only to be called Natalie and sent on her way. Gimbalos was depressed. She mused that the only way her life could get worse was if she was going out with Clint. Or if she was forced to see the D&D movie with Great Aunt Ethel.

Gimbalos, sick of waking up each day only to find herself in more despair, got on Ebay to see what the going rate for souls was at the the rate was high enough, she could make a couple of bucks and drown her sorrows. So she put an auction up and soon enough came a bidder. Now, Gimbalos should have gotten suspicious when Satan666 bid on her soul. Satan is not the type of man you want to have possesion of your soul. But depresses aquatic rodents don't think too much about these sorts of things. Kind of like when Gimbalos bid on Elian Gonsolez and was very upset when she received no small Cuban immigrants in the mail.