Life In a Nutshell

By Shino Yume

"This is going to hurt,
you dumbass nutcase."
Says my 'friend' the nurse.
Not really;
But that's what she means
As she shoves a needle chock full of
some unknown poisin in my arm.
"Don't worry, because
We want you to think it's all for the best,
Even though deep down
we both know that locking you away
From the real world
And anything you learned to love
Is doing you more harm
Than it's doing you any good."

She leaves me to think on the words she didn't say,
All alone in my locked room.
And I think about my new life here.
This is my new life here.
This is my new home; my nutshell...
Isn't this just peachy?
I've been thinking...
My life in a nutshell
Has been the most depressing time
Of my while depressing life.
Though I am not really torn...
I feel like I am beaten...
And chained down on this bed...
And my wounds are bleeding...
These sheets are soaked through
With the blood of my fear...
I don't want to be here.