Unnecessary Pain

By Shino Yume

As I was told, long, long ago,
You are my family.
You are one to trust.
But if that is so
Then why do you hurt me so much?
You are selfish, sister.
You care only for yourself.
You know that if you hurt me,
You, yourself will feel good.
I can't help who I am,
And if who I am embarrasses you,
Then we might as well not be related.
If you don't like what I write,
Then tell me,
But don't make it a public announcement,
Like you so often tend to do.
You hurt me so much, and all of the time.
I can't turn to you.
My blood flows with the fire of revenge.
I want to gouge your eyes out
So you will realize people aren't to be seen,
They are to be heard.
And right now no one hears
My cry of unnecessary pain,
Though it's tearing me up inside,
And I want to die,
I will remain silent.
Your are my sister, after all,
And I can't change that.