Before we begin, i would like to say this: I apologize in advance if I offend any majorettes and/or girls named Amy. I didn't mean to offend you, I just have a sick sense of humor.

There once was a girl named Amy. Amy wanted to be a majorette because "the costumes are shiny". But there was only one problem for poor Amy; She couldn't twirl a baton to save her life. So Amy is walking down an alleyway one night, when suddenly, four small flames appeared on the ground in front of her . Amy shreiked and jumped back. "Do not be afraid, Amy," a voice said.
"What?" Who said that?" the girl demanded.
"It is us, the magic fire batons!" another voice said.
"Pick us up, Amy. Twirl us!"
"I can't," said said, depressed.
"Yes, you can. We're magic!"
Amy picked up the magic fire batons, and began to twirl pefectly. "Wowie!" Amy yelled. "I'm gonna try out for majorette tomorrow!"
So Amy did, and she did the tryout perfectly. She got the job of featured twirler.
She was doing great at the band nights, and the first five football games.
Then, at the big majorette compitition, Tina decided to test Amy's fire batons to make sure they were working for Amy. But the batons wouldn't light for her. So Tina replaced the magic fire batons with the un-magical batons of her own. When Amy went on the twirl, the magic batons weren't there so Amy couldn't twirl. She missed catching the baton, it hit her on the head and the fire got to her hair. Amy's hair, with twelve cans of hair spray, immedeatly caught fire and all got singed off. Then her flesh melted off the skull and the fire got into her brain and melted it. Needless to say, Amy died.

The end

And the moral of the story is: if you're twirling fire batons, don't use 12 cans of hair spray... especially if you have no twirling experience and are using magic batons that may or may not be replaced with muggle batons.