The Drive

By jlewis42

Dedicated to Jenn, I still hate you.

And to Jimmy, Ash is still pissed at you.

"Wake up." It was a command. I shook my cousin pretty roughly. She was staying at my place till things cooled down with her parents, they thought her friends were a bad influence and she kept them because they were a bad influence. I'd beaten the crap out of three earlier that week so now they thought I was a bad influence.

"Damnit Syn, what are you doin'?" The same accent that ran through my speech ran through hers. "It's six thirty in the mornin'."

"It's four forty-five. That clocks broke."

"But it's digital."

"I know. I'm the one who fixed it."

"Bang up job, Doc."

"Just meet me down stairs in thirty minutes. And dress in something tight but comfortable, we're going for a car ride."

Forty-five minutes, and five and half beers later, she came down stairs and into the garage. She was wearing a crop top with one of my button up shirts hanging open over it. Her ample chest just about shoved the shirt out of the way. I was pleased to see she'd taken my suggestion and was wearing her favorite jeans, or so she informed me every time she put them on.

"So what's up?" she stifled a yawn and glanced me over. I was wearing a T-shirt bearing the insignia of Mulciber, and the baggy jeans I'd been wearing the last four days since she moved in. The half empty long neck bottle and burning cigarette made her cock an eyebrow at me. The two empty bottles at my feet, and the others scattered here and there brought an expression I would have found endearing had it not come from her. I was leaning against the '62 chevy Impala Super Sport I'd spent the last four months on. The 409 engine inside it made any of my past cars look like turtles, and the the bench seats could comfortably fit six adults.

"We're goin' on a trip."

"You said that already. Where are we goin'?"


"Bu- but Chicago is..." she paused trying to do the distance in her head.

"A long freaking way." I hated waiting for other people to think of things I didn't care about.

"And why, may I ask, are you goin' to Chicago?" She turned her head at the sound of not one but two cars pulling up the long driveway to my house.

"Because Jimmy's never gone to Chicago. Wherever Jimmy goes, Betty goes. Wherever Betty goes, Rex goes. Wherever Rex goes, Dottie goes. My car's the only one that can fit four peeps and their stuff, and I don't like other people driving my car so I'm goin'."

"So why'd you wake me up?"

"'Cause I hate Jimmy, Betty, Rex and Dottie, and I don't want to spend it with them alone."

"So why all the beers before we even start the trip?"

"'Cause I hate you too."

Whatever she was gonna say or do to that answer was blotted out by Jimmy running into the door... three times. I think he was gonna try a fourth times, but someone twisted the doorknob for him.

"WOLF! I'm here!"

"Oh good, I thought it might have been some other idiot."

"And what other idiot would be walking into your garage at this hour?"

The loud wham that followed was Rex walking into my double garage door. The dent is still there to this day.

Betty walked over to my cousin and greeted her by kissing her full on the lips.

"And who is this lovely thing?" Betty looked over at me. Her lipstick was smeared. She'd been making out with someone, prior to my cousin that is.

"This is... Just who the hell are you again?" For some reason I couldn't remember her name.

"I'm your cousin, Jennifer." She had a pained expression on her face. I got the feeling that she'd had to remind me of it several times.

"Right, this is Jenn."

"Oh cool!" This came from Dottie, who was setting in my trunk. "Betty, Dottie and Jenny!" This sent her into a fit of giggles I didn't want to listen to, so I shut the trunk.

"Are- are they all drunk?" This came from Jenn.

"No, they're not drunk." I watched Jimmy fumble with the car door. "Just stupid." This brought another fit of giggles from the trunk. I reminded myself that I should soundproof the trunk before the next time I shut someone in it. "Let's go."