The Drive

Chapter 3

By jlewis42

Dedicated to: That priest in Kansas. You'll meet him later. He was one cool Padre.

Authors Notes: My apologies to any major or minor religions or cults I piss off.

Hi. I'm Jenn. Syn's cousin. You know, the dark guy who keeps drinking. I've known him for a long time, or rather, he's known me for a long time. He was there when I was born. He was there when I broke my arm. He was there when I lost my virginity. Ok so he was down the hall, screwing my best friend, but he was in the house! He taught me how to drive, which I think is really funny.

UUUUURCH! The entire car jerks sideways, waking everyone inside of it who was asleep, including the driver.

"Damnit Syn! For someone who builds as many cars as you do, you'd think you'd learn to drive!" This was from Jimmy. He's a skinny guy who complains a lot. I think he wrote the last one of these.

"I keep building them because I keep wrecking the ones I have, brain donor."

We'd been on the road for eight hours. Well, most of eight hours and mostly on the road.

"Well," Syn slammed back the last swallow of a bottle of beer. "I've just hit my limit, somebody else drive." And with that, he leaned back, tipped his head back, and fell asleep. A quick glance at the gauge told me enough to know that we were on a quick trip to the after world. Since I was the one setting beside him, I took the wheel. Literally. Apparently he hadn't quite gotten all the fastening put together on this car. The passenger door falling off somewhere in Oklahoma was kind of a hint.

"Somebody get him out of the way!" I think it was Jimmy and Rex who hauled him into the back seat, allowing me to slide over. "Why do you drink bottle after bottle of beer while you're driving?"

Syn's head popped up. I don't think he ever actually sleeps. "Because the cup holder won't hold bottles."

"That's not what I meant."

"Hey, Syn. Ya done with this?" Jimmy had found one of those 'bottles' and was rolling down the window.

"Yeah sure. Knock yourself out."

Jimmy tossed the bottle out, hitting a hitchhiker on the side of the road dead on. While this might seem evil and really simple, we were doing 120 and we'd already passed the hitchhiker twice. Said living bullseye collapsed to the ground and I nailed the breaks. Of course, we were a mile away by then, and I had to drive the wrong way down an interstate, but them's the breaks, right?

"Jimmy, I said knock yourself out, not innocent bystanders."

We'd finally gotten back to the hitchhiker, who was found to be a girl of about eighteen. She was passed out on the ground like some cartoon character. She had soft white-blonde hair, and the most angelic expression on her face. And a nice red welt in the middle of her forehead where the bottle had hit her. It'd been a glancing blow, but at the velocity it'd been traveling... We were all startled when the girl suddenly sat up.

"It's you! You're all here!" She leaped to her feet and embraced Rex. "War! I thought I'd never see you again! And Famine! I missed you!" Now she was hugging Jimmy, which I found especially repulsive. She turned to Syn and I, who were standing side by side as was our custom. "Pestilence!" she hugged Syn, "and Death!" now I was being crushed in a hug. "I missed you guys soooo much!" She started sobbing. Normally I'd try and comfort her, but I was busy gasping for air.

"Ummm... excuse me little girl." She turned her head to look at Syn, still trying to break my ribs. "I'm betting I'm gonna regret this, but who are you?"

"Me? I'm God."

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