A biology class settles down for they're lesson, trying to find a place where they can see the board, having been moved from their usual room. The teacher is holding a couple of pieces of paper.
"Only one essay plan has been handed in to me-" Suddenly the class protests, "Okay, okay, look, get on with your research, and I'll talk to Seran. If you've got any questions come and see me after I've finished."
The class disperses to the computers in the room, and some leave to go to the library. Seran walks to Mr. Clear, seated in the front of the class. Together they go through the plan. Everything seems fine, except for a little comment made about the USA and President Bush.
"Maybe you should be a little less judgemental, after all it's not just 'Bush's stubbornness' as you've put it. The current economic situation is also a contributory factor."
"What has the economic factor got to do with the Kyoto agreement though sir, is that a feasible reason for pulling out?"
"What I mean is, with the current situation, many people aren't going to be concerned with the environment. Do some more research, but I think your essay will be fine."
"Thanks sir."

At 2.30pm everyone was still working. Another girl makes a comment about America, "America only cares about money-" and she is cut short by a male student running into the classroom, followed by two more.

"The world trade centre fallen down!" He shouts, excitedly. The whole class is suddenly silent. Slowly, Mr. Clear manages to ask, "what?" Bradley, now in shock at the enormity of what he just said, says, out of breath, "a plane flew into the world trade centre, and it's just collapsed!"
"The world trade centre? Wait you mean those two towers in New York? They've just come down? Both of them?" Seran asks, shocked and angry at what she's just heard.
"Yeah, they were showing it in the library." Bradley explained.
"And another plane's flown into the Pentagon and that's on fire," says Luke.
Seran and her friend Rachel look at each other in shock. Just moments ago they were making fun and joking about how America was the blame for all that was wrong with the environment. Seran looked down, feeling incredibly guilty for what she was about to write in her essay. Tasha made a joke about how they can't write anything mean about the USA now, and everyone giggles, but after a second silence falls again. No one can believe what happened. Mr. Clear pushes them for more information.
"Some terrorists hijacked four aeroplanes, and they had passengers on them. Two of them were flown into the twin towers, then one came down, and the other came down. We saw the second plane go in live on TV," Seran's stomach churned. She felt physically sick as she heard the details, no matter how basic the details were, they were horrific. "It was a huge fireball. People were jumping out of windows." Rachel walks away, unable to take any of this in. "and then they collapsed. Then a third plane crashed into the pentagon, and that's on fire. They don't know where the fourth plane is yet."

No one can do anymore work. Seran stares at her essay plan, and her stomach squeezes tightly. Her head is suddenly in a great deal of pain. How could this happen? Two buildings like that? It's impossible. Unbelievable. This can't be real. And yet it is. Everyone is standing around in the centre of the room, looking at each other, at the floor, trying to make sense of it all. George brings up a report on the internet, and the class go to look at it. No one can look past the horrific picture of the North twin tower on fire, several turn away.

Seran arrived home, to find her dad watching the television. Together they listen to the news reports. Nothing makes sense, how could anyone do this? Where is the fourth plane? Is Britain going to be next? On the internet chat room everyone is blaming Muslim terrorist groups, but it is too early to place blame, no one really knows. Suddenly the enormity of what happened has hit her. The Twin Towers, which once stood for America in the heart of New York City, are not there. They're just not there. How can they be reduced to rubble like that? All those people, those brave people who lost they're lives. The tears well up. But she keeps them in, not wanting to show her emotion. 'Be strong. It's not war,' she tells herself.

After her flute lesson, she feels somewhat better. Siobhan calls Seran on the mobile phone, and together they talk about what has just happened. They know about the fourth plane. It's crashed in Pittsburgh. The passengers and crew were killed. Siobhan doesn't know what to do, she is scared and Seran has to console her. But Seran knows not what to do either. Right now she is considering staying with her aunty for a few days in the country. Both girls condemn the act, there is little else that can be done.

At 8.50, it gets all too much. London financial buildings and other important high rise towers were evacuated in mid afternoon. Her mum had come home a little earlier that day. Will they go back to work tomorrow? Is anything going to go back to normal tomorrow? Probably not, but hoping it will puts a new calm in the house, but not into Seran. She can't eat, her stomach twisting, begging her parents to let her stay with her aunty. But what good will that do, other than for herself. Calmly she picks up the phone and calls her best friend. She is glad when he answers, and when she hears Tom's voice she bursts into tears. Everything comes out. She's so scared, she feels guilty, she even blames herself because of what she said earlier in the day. Tom tries to console her, but he is just as scared. This is the first time he's heard her cry. He does his best, makes light of a bad situation. He manages to make her laugh. She feels better, and so does he. At 9.30 they put the phone down, and she goes to bed.

At first she watches a video, to cheer herself up. It worked, but she has to stop the video before the next programme starts so it's in the right place when she gives it to Rachel tomorrow. So she puts the news on, and more coverage of New York. Many people are still alive they say. She falls asleep at 11pm. Maybe when she wakes up she'll realise this was just a bad dream. This isn't actually true. She's just been watching a very frightening film.

At 6am the alarm wakes her, she puts on the television. Sure enough, what she experienced yesterday was no dream. The twin towers are not there, and thousands of people are dead. People are dead. She runs and throws up yesterdays dinner. This is too much to contemplate.

Dedicated to all those brave souls who were involved the horrific tragedy in New York and Washington DC on the 11th September 2001. All my thoughts and prayers are with you . May we learn from this and may it never occur again. May the Lord and Lady be with all of you always.