Note: This is a story I created originally. Feel free to use any of my characters. I don't mind. Also, I'm not claiming to be a good writer. I just do it for fun. This is just the beginning of my story, so, if you like it, I will put the rest on here (I haven't finished it) but if no one asks me to, I won't. Any reviews wil l be appreciated. Thank you and have fun. Tevanna sighed. It was much more comfortable to sit buried in the deep, lush undergrowth and read the funny old-fashioned books her great grandfather had kept than read at home. She pulled her tank top down farther, and yanked the hood over her brown eyes. A few strands of her hair fell in front of her thin face, and she blew them away so she could see her book. The books were actually two hundred and fifty-six years old. Her great grandfather had paid a large amount of money to an antique sell-keep for these. Tevanna loved to ride her amphi-boomer to the old continent and think about what life was like in the twenty and twenty first centuries. The people back then were so funny. When Tevanna had received her required history course through her pad, she didnÕt believe when it said that people back then had to spray pressurized chemicals and dyes, just to color their hair! Salon machines did a much better job. In a few of her books, an unlikely series, unknown creatures from another galaxy had taken over the earth by stealth. Imagine! Since they didn't know anything about different planets, humans called the things aliens (a word meaning different and strange). The only "aliens" that ever came to earth came via test tubes or cages. Some of the more self-sufficient animals went to habitats, but most were kept as pets, nowadays. A soft beeping snapped Tev out of her trance. "Dadblast it!" Out of habit, she put her hand to her forehead as an apology for swearing. She brought it down when she remembered that no one could see her and turned to her wrist band in disgust. Her mother always made her wear it so that when meals were ready she could alert her. Grumbling, Tev pushed her self up, and shot straight up above the trees. She had just received her bott-boots for her birthday. They were a relatively new invention. Tev adored them, because they allowed her to fly without her boomer. She felt free, being able to fly with virtual wings on her feet. "Now, where did I park my boomer?" Tev asked herself. * * * "You're late again " Mrs. Terko scolded, "I'm not going to let you go overseas again if you are going to be late for every meal." "Mom," Tev protested, "I couldn't help it," she paused to pull off her black boots and botts, "I forgot where I parked my boomer." Her mom raised a skeptical brow, "That was your story last week." "But..." She broke off, her mother was ignoring her and shoving the plates into the kitchen-heater. She always did this as to prove to Tevanna that her food was cold. It usually didn't need heated up, and Tev frequently burned her tongue from her mother's overcooking it. "When's Dad comin' home?" A third, slightly muffled voice came into the room. Tev turned to her brother. His voice was muffled because he was stuffing his face. "Not today," Tev replied, her father worked in the planetary army. She narrowed her eyes, "And if you are eating my left over food, Kalin, I am going to blow up." "Then blow up," Her brother grinned. "You"ll look just like that raccoon Jord hit yesterday with his tuv gun." Jord was his best friend. "Oh, did he give it to you?" Tev asked innocently, grabbing a fork. "A dead raccoon? Nooo, why?" Her brother stared at her as if she had sprouted turnips out her ears. "Then what died on top of your head?" She sat down. She was referring to his new 'style of the day.' He had his hair dark and spiky, but very long and going in every direction. Their mother snorked and choked down a laugh, but Kalin just glared. "It's not funny." After dinner, Tev was about to go upstairs when the phone rang. She turned around and practically smashed the receive button. A crackle sounded, and then her friend Evonne appeared. Or, her phone image appeared. at least. "Hey Evonne, what's down with you?" Evonne giggled. It was their private joke. In some of Tev's books, people asked each other 'what is up?' meaning, what is happening? Tev and Evonne liked to make fun of it and ask, 'what is down?' instead. 'What are you doing tonight?' she asked, turning her not quite transparent head for minute, to screech at her brother. "I was going to watch a dotma show on the old 2D videos that you couldn't walk around in.' "Boooooring." Evonne responded. "You wanna come over and do something?" "Sure." Tev turned the phone off and yelled to her mom that she would be over at Evonne's and to beep if she needed anything. She raced out the door before mom could say anything and pulled on her black jacket. Her dark hair, though very short in the back, had an angle to it, and the wind blew at the front most, longer, lighter strands as she shot up into the air. Evonne barely lived a kilometer away, so she didn't need her boomer. Evonne and Tev loved to compare life in the past to life now. They would sometimes even, as silly as it seemed, dress up and pretend to live in an era of slow transportation and ludicrous ideas of aliens and faster than light travel. People lived in such a deluded world in the past. She and Evonne would have fun. * * * When Tev was walking home (she didn't feel like flying) she saw her friend Diren running as fast as he could. She turned on her bott-boots and hovered above him when stopped, panting. She landed. "What's with you?" He jumped at the sight of her, but then smiled. "I think we may have us a couple of prank players. They're pretty good too. They are pretending to be invading creatures from another planet." Here he rolled his eyes, and continued, "They say they have incredible technology beyond our belief and require two or three human bodies to experiment on." Tev laughed and brushed hair out of her thin face. Some kids were too much Suddenly, a burst of light, and an awful noise erupted the air. Tevanna was usually the brave, tomboy, agile one of any group, but she leaped straight at Diren and clasped her arms around her neck and screamed. It wasn't just the noise that scared her, but the 'things' that made it. The most horrific, gooey green and black animals stood before her. They were about eight feet tall with three arms, two where they should be, and one, with no hand and only one joint, jutting out from their chests. They had two legs, but with round feet, shaped like a hoof, but made out of the same thing as their dark green skin. One of the creatures turned its nose-less, round mouthed, toothless face toward Tev. It stretched out its black hand with only three fingers and a long thumb and grasped Tev by the shoulder. Another one picked up a rock and the last thing Tev could remember was a rock flying toward her. She blacked out.