Moment of Awareness Paper
September 11, 2001
All by Myself
"Let me row. It's my turn now, please!" I wailed at the boy sitting next to me.
"No. You are not strong enough. You cannot row." His response only made me want to row more. The idea of proving him wrong warmed my heart. It seemed only fair that I should get to row. We had been in this valley, on this lake surrounded by beautiful green mountains, and closed in by sunshine, for four days. Jon had not let me row yet. We gracefully glided across the still blue water, but it no longer held joy for me. I was just on the boat because I thought, maybe, I would get a chance to row.
It went on like that for over an hour. Me badgering him to let me row, him refusing profusely. Finally he rowed the boat to the dock, and got out. I think he just got tired of my whining voice. Hurry, I thought, my turn to row, after all this waiting. I'll prove you all wrong.
I can row as well as any of you.
I got in the boat and started rowing. It was a lot harder than it looked, but I was determined to get myself around this lake alone. When Jon rowed it sounded like a song. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. I tried to imitate that movement and noise. Swoosh, Ker-plunk, swoosh, splash, bang, swoosh. Ok, I had more of an orchestra of different noises, so what? I was rowing, it didn't matter that my rowing technique was not yet perfected.
Wow, I am rowing all by myself! Wow! I did it, I thought to myself as I rapidly rowed back to the dock, where my mother waited anxiously. She looked worried that I would tip and fall into the deep, dark water. When I arrived at the dock, I jumped into her arms and screamed loudly, "I did it all by myself! See, I can row! I am not too weak!" A certain aura surrounded me, a light bright enough to light to whole valley. The light that shown from my heart has never left that valley, and never faded.