Case Of True Love


"Oh Jim. How could I live without you?" Verdonna's eyes twinkled as she stared deeply into her husband's eyes. She and her husband, Jim, were perfect for each other. They knew it from the day they were married. But someone else in the family didn't think they should be together. They didn't know who. The didn't know if the person was from Verdonna's side of the family or Jim's. All they know is is that the person that wants them separated, will stop at nothing to see it through. It all started a couple weeks after their honey moon.

Chapter 1

My name is Kurt "Colt" Thunder. Everyone knows me as Thunder Colt. I am a detective, one of the high class type. I was recently assigned on a case intitled, True Love. Odd, but true. I got a call from a miss Verdonna Vasemoore. She and her husband both fear that somebody is trying to separate them for good. One of the family members wants Verdonna or her husband for their very own. Right now we think that the separator is a girl, because Verdonna's husband seems to be getting "picked on" more than Verdonna. I walked into Verdonna's house and sat down in a big green chair. Verdonna and her husband, Jim, sat down in front of me on a couch. They both were holding each other's hands. I took out my note pad and I started to ask questions.

"Now, why do you think one of your family members is trying to separate you?" A corny question, but reasonable enough to get to the conclusion of your case. Verdonna shook her head and placed her long brown hair behind her back. Her blue eyes twinkled as usual and she looked at Jim. Jim looked at her and than turned his attention to me.

"Well. We found this note on our refrigerator door when we came back from dinner." Jim said handing me a note. The writing was fairly neat. It read:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Vasemoore,
I was so miserable at your wedding. Now, I intend to do something about it for good. You will be separated. Not by divorce, but by death. But be thankful my two love birds. At least I let you live after your honey moon. It was nice seeing you two together, yeah right! You two don't belong to each other, and I know it. Why else would I kill you for it? Well, forgive me someday, somehow...

You wish you knew

I read the note three of four times until I decided to question some more. I couldn't think of anybody who would want to separate a perfect couple that was part of their own family. Than, I spoke up. "Um. Was anybody in the house while you were gone?"

"Yes. My mother was upstairs in bed. She is very ill at the moment, she couldn't of possibly of gotten up to write this note and place it on my refrigerator door." Verdonna said. I nodded and continued to stare at the note. Than I heard a horrible scream than forced me to jump out of my seat.

"Mother?" Verdonna screamed. Verdonna and Jim sprung up form their seats and they ran up the stairs. I followed them worrying of what might of happened. When I reached the top of the stairs Jim was standing outside a room on the left. I walked in and saw the fear in Verdonna's eyes. Lying down on the bed was an old woman with curly gray hair and thick glasses. Her eyes were open and they wouldn't blink or move. Blood was surrounding her body. I walked up to the body and bowed my head.

"Call the police." I said softly. Verdonna broke out into tears running to her husband. I saw them both leave the room. While I mourned Verdonna's mother's death, I found a note on the side. It read:

Dear Verdonna Vasemoore,
You mother was my first victim. There will soon be more. I will stop at nothing to kill everybody who stands in my way from reaching you. First your mother, than another, and than another. Don't worry, your turn will soon come.

You wish you knew

As I put the note in my pocket I noticed a trail of blood heading towards a broken window. I looked out the broken window and saw nothing. I turned around and I headed down the stairs not knowing what to tell Verdonna and Jim.

Chapter 2

3 days have passed since the death of Marge Mareesa. Marge Mareesa was Verdonna's mother. I arrived at the funeral asking all of Verdonna's and Jim's relatives that lived near the two to line up in a row. I knew it wasn't the best time to question them, but I figured I should while I could. Also by my side was my beautiful assistant Wanda. My future wife. She had very dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. She was 5'6. In front of me I saw a beautiful blonde. She called herself Theresa Done.

"Yes, Miss Theresa Done. Are you married?" I asked her. The young woman nodded. "I see. Who's side of the family are you on? The Mareesa's, or the Vasemoore's?"

"The Vasemoore's, Thunder Colt." Theresa answered. She was a very cute girl, too cute to be innocent. But, too cute to be guilty. She kept eyeing me oddly. I almost fell for her little trick. But, I didn't.

"Theresa. Please be more specific. In what way are you related Jim? Brother, cousin, what?"

"He's my brother. I don't know why you suspect me of wanting to separate Jim and Verdonna. I would never plan such a thing!" Theresa said. I put my hand in front of her and shook my head.

"Don't jump to conclusions my dear, that just makes you more suspicious." I said. Next to her were three little boys. They looked like they were six. I moved on from them, knowing that they wouldn't of been able to do such a thing. Next was Vicky Carrsole. A curly brown haired woman. She was Jim's Aunt. Jim had told me that he always pictured Aunt Vicky cold hearted, but he said he knew her well enough not to kill anybody.

"Miss Carrsole, please answer me these few questions." I handed out forms to each of the family members. All they asked were their names, age, where they lived, which side of the family they came from, how are they related to one of the families, and their history with their relative. I would stop at nothing to figure out who killed Verdonna's mother, and who wants the two love birds dead. Wanda walked up to me and sighed.

"Kurt. I really don't know what to say. All of these people look suspicious. I mean, Theresa Done seems to be keeping too many secrets. Vicky Carrsole always has a dirty look on her face. Verdonna's Uncle Jed has a bad temper, and her Aunt Sue seems to be to calm about this whole thing." Wanda said. I nodded and looked at Verdonna talking to a woman that looked very much like her. Wanda looked at the two women to and sighed again. "At least Verdonna has a sister like Kelly. She is trying to comfort Verdonna as well as she can. So, I think we better keep an eye on her."

"How do you mean?" I said. Wanda laughed a bit.

"Have you read the second note. The killer will kill everyone who stands in the way of getting to Verdonna and Jim. And Kelly is making herself too obvious of being a victim. She needs to stop playing sisterly-love right now, and start worrying about her own life." Wanda said. I took out Kelly's form she filled out.

"Yes, but if you look at Kelly's history with Verdonna, they appear to of been very close. Read over this form she filled out." I handed Wanda the form. Wanda was in pure shock at the things Kelly said about her sister.

"Kurt. The things Kelly said seemed to be too brady bunch like. I mean, could you believe all the things she said about her sister. From what I see, they never argued once in their life. Now that I look at other people's forms, they all list a few trouble they had with either Verdonna or Jim. But Kelly lists none. She lists very little things that aren't important. Like look at this one, 'When Verdonna lost her favorite earrings, I searched 3 hours for them. When I found them, she gave me a big hug and five dollars.' How stupid is that?" Wanda asked herself and me. Than I realized something. Without Wanda as my assistant, I would be completely lost in all of my detective cases.

"So, there is only one thing to do. Question Kelly until we can make sure she is innocent." I said. Wanda nodded and looked over at Kelly and Verdonna laughing. Than, Wanda looked back at me.

"But, not now. Later."

Chapter 3

It was the next day after the funeral while Wanda and I continued to review all the facts. The only people that could've been possible of the murder were Theresa Done, Vicky Carrsole, Jed Mareesa, Sue Mareesa, Kelly Mareesa, Tom Corners, and Robert Bridgewaters.

"I once had a long distance relationship with a boy named Tom. I never saw him though. He was kind of sick. But, I don't think the Tom I onced had is this Tom Corners. The things he listed on his form do not seem that similar to my old Tom." Wanda sighed sitting at the end of my desk. Than, the phone rang and Wanda picked it up.

"Hello?" Wanda asked. Than, her eyes widened. "Okay, we will be right there!"

"What?" I asked. Wanda slammed the phone down hard.

"Vicky Carrsole found a note on her refrigerator door that said she was next." Wanda answered. With that, we immediately walked out of my office and into my convertible. We drove off heading for 5 Street Broad. That was where Vicky Carrsole lived. I asked Wanda to review Vicky's form.

"There is one thing I don't understand. The killer said that he would kill everybody that stood in his or her way of getting to Verdonna or Jim. By reading Vicky's form, she was never close to neither one of them. I thought Kelly would be the next one." Wanda said.

"I know I might be jumping to conclusions a bit, but, Kelly could be the killer. I know we don't have enough evidence, but wouldn't she of been the one?"

"No Kurt. Kelly has been spending the night at Verdonna's and Jim's house. The killer wouldn't go for Kelly while she is around Verdonna or Jim." Wanda said. I nodded and stopped at Vicky's house. When I got out of the car there was complete silence. I walked up to the front door of Vicky's house and I rung the door bell. Nobody answered. I rung about three or four times. I turned around and saw Wanda still sitting in the car. While I waited I looked at the street that Vicky lived on. It was a dead end and the forest behind the street was very large.

As I got tired of waiting, I walked into the house and saw trails of blood leading to the couch were Vicky lied. She had the phone cord tied around her neck with her veins popping out of her head. I took a few steps back. I knew that Vicky was dead. This time I found no note, but I did hear the sound of my car hum. I walked outside the house and saw Wanda lying down in the back seat tied up in ropes. The car started to head towards the forest at an amazing speed. I ran out of the house yelling Wanda's name. But I was too late, my beautiful Wanda and my convertible went straight into the forest. Than, I saw a black figure by a tree. It looked like the figure was cutting the tree. I ran after the figure. But once again, I was too late. The tree fell crushing both my car and Wanda. I screamed for help. I didn't know what I was going to do.

Chapter 4

The case still hasn't been solved. It has been a full week since Wanda's funeral. I was so unstable since her death. I started to fall apart more and more each day. But now because of my poor Wanda, I am more determined than every to find out who the killer is.

"Dammit Wanda!" I kept thinking over and over in my head. I than thought about Verdonna and Jim Vasemoore. They would not let anyone come between them. They would stop at nothing to make sure they would stay together forever. Why didn't I do the same with Wanda? Why? I started to lose my mind after that until a disturbing phone call rang.

"Hello?" I remembered answering the phone confused.

"Don't worry . I will play more games with your mind and Verdonna's and Jim's. You will all soon find your time. Too soon." Somebody spoke in a raspy voice. After that, the person hung up the phone. Than I started to think why the killer would kill Wanda. How did she stand in the way of getting to Verdonna and Jim?

Than I realized how stupid I was. I am keeping the killer from Verdonna and Jim. And Wanda is keeping the killer away from me. So she was killed for that. For being an innocent assistant. For being my true love. Why did this happen? Why?

"Get a hold of yourself Kurt!" I kept telling myself. Than I left my office again and looked over the suspect list. The only people that remained were Theresa Done, Jed Mareesa, Sue Mareesa, Kelly Mareesa, Tom Corners, and Robert Bridgewaters. Tom Corners was Jim's best friend. He was at the funeral for support. And Robert Bridgewaters was always jealous of Jim. Well, that is what it says on his form. Robert Bridgewaters, Tom Corners, and Jim Vasemoore all went to the same high school. Robert was an outcast that always wanted to be like Jim Vasemoore. I kept thinking if it was possible that Robert was also jealous of Jim marrying Verdonna. I drove up to Jim's and Verdonna's house. They were sitting outside on their front porch.

"Hi Kurt. I'm sorry about Wanda." Verdonna said. I nodded and showed Jim Robert Bridgewaters form he filled out.

"Jim. Was Robert at your wedding?" I asked.

"No. I don't think so. He might of been." Jim answered. I started to get a little frustrated.

"Jim. You must tell me. The ones that were at your wedding are the only clear suspects! The killer was miserable at your wedding. So, you must tell which one of these suspects attended the wedding." I said handing Jim the suspect list.

"Well, Theresa Done was there. Verdonna's Uncle Jed and Aunt Sue were there. Kelly was there, and so was Tom. Robert Bridgewaters I don't remember." Jim said. I nodded and thought to myself, "That doesn't get me that far.

"Kurt, please have some tea. Kelly, Uncle Jed, and Aunt Sue are all here. Please come in." Verdonna said. I shook my head yes. When we all walked in I saw Kelly walking up to be crawling on her knees. Her eyes were very very wide open. She started to say something, but than she fell to the ground. That is when I saw a dirty knife in her back. Verdonna jumped into Jim's arms. Jim bowed his head. Than, Jed and Sue Mareesa came into the scene. I just stood tall and said nice and calmly, "Who did it?"

Chapter 5

Verdonna Vasemoore, Jim Vasemoore, Jed Mareesa, Sue Mareesa, Tom Corners, Robert Bridgewaters, and Theresa Done were all in a small room with me surrounded by police officers. This was the time when I decided on who the killer might be. I was pretty sure it was either Jed Mareesa or Sue Mareesa.

"Jed and Sue. You say you did not hear anything going on while Kelly Mareesa was being killed. Correct?" A man in a law suit asked. Jed and Sue nodded. "Well, where were you at the time?"

"We were in the back yard looking at Verdonna's flowers. When we got back in the house, we saw Kelly lying down on the floor and Kurt, Verdonna, and Jim standing by.

"Did you see any sign of a murder?" The man asked. Jed and Sue both shook their heads. I stood up from my seat and looked at Theresa.

"Theresa, where were you from 1:00 through 3:00 yesterday?" I asked. Theresa stood up and answered very calmly.

"I was at the mall from 9:30 to 1:30."

"Where were you after that?" I asked. Theresa once again talked very calmly.

"I was at the park taking a walk."

"Well, according to these lie detector tests, you were in the park, but, you weren't taking a walk. You were doing something else. Will you tell us what you were doing?" The man in the law suit said very boldly. Theresa's face turned red. She sat back down and buried her face in her hands.

"No answer? Well Thunder Colt, it is up to you. Review your evidence and decide who you think should be locked up." The man said. So, I reviewed my evidence. At Verdonna's mother's funeral, Sue was too calm. Jed had a bad temper. Sue might of killed Verdonna's mother being the way she acted at the funeral. And why else would Jed act the way he was if he didn't know that his wife had something to do with the killings. But, it was too simple.

Robert Bridgewaters was always jealous of Jim. But why would Robert attack Verdonna's mother, Vicky Carrsole, my Wanda, and Kelly? Than, it hit me. I looked at Tom Corner's form. On it he said that he always wanted to surprise Jim with something big. Something too big. But his hand writing didn't match any of the notes. Not any of the handwriting matched the handwriting on the notes. But, Tom's writing was in Manuscript. Not cursive. So, who could it be? Everyone else wrote in cursive but Tom Corners and Theresa Done. There isn't enough evidence, but I must decide one the killer now.


The Decision

After putting a lot of thought into all of my work. I asked Theresa Done to stand up. She seemed too innocent and honest.

"Theresa, even if you didn't do the killings, I will have you punished unless you tell me what you did in the park that day!" I said. Theresa swallowed hardly.

"I was looking for somebody to hit on."

"What? Theresa, I thought you were married."

"I am, but, I wanted more." Theresa sat back down and turned red. That was when I knew Theresa couldn't of done anything.

"Theresa, you need help. Marriage is about trust, not about getting tired of it and asking for sex or anything similar to that. But, the killer is no other than Tom Corners. Officers arrest him!" I said. Three officers walked up to Tom and slammed his head against the table. One of the officers hand cuffed him. He started to breathe heavily.

"How'd you know it was me?"

"I remember Wanda telling me about an old boyfriend she once had named Tom. She said it was a long distance relationship thing. She said he had a lot of problems. Tell us, why did you do this?" I said very calmly. Tom began to cry. Jim was ready; to go crazy.

"I trusted you dammit! I trusted you!" Jim yelled. Tom cried out some more.

"Crying won't help you Tom. Talk." I said. Tom than calmed down and he was ready to confess.

"Jim was always so cool. I was always second best. While Robert was very jealous of him, I could easily get my work done without being suspected. Or so I thought. I was planning for Robert to be blamed. I remember that I was over Verdonna's house with Jim. I broke Verdonna's mother's favorite vase purposely. She than kicked me out of the house. She said that vase was a gift from her great grandmother. So, I wanted to get revenge on her. But I also wanted to get it very badly on Jim. When I found out Jim and Verdonna were married, I got the whole plan started. I could kill Verdonna's mother and get revenge Jim at the same time. Wanda was right, I am a very very sick man. I had a long distance relationship with her! Before she moved here, I broke up with her. So, she never knew what I look like. But she was still a threat helping you finding out who I was."

"Clever Tom. But you are a sick man. Take him away." I said. The officers rushed Tom out of there. Verdonna and Jim were both sobbing. Jed and Sue were pouting. Theresa was trying to comfort everybody while Robert sat down not knowing what to say. I completed a deadly case, I case I never wanted to relive again.