by Ashley L.

I never said good-bye to you,
the day that you left.
I thought I'd see you again,
Yet, I never did.
I waited, minutes, hours, days,
it felt like forever.
I waited for you to come through that door,
yet, you never did.
I turned on the television, watching the plane go down,
seeing doom in it's path.
I knew you were in that path.
Why? It's not fair.
I never said good-bye.
You have unfinished business to attend to,
like giving me a hug.
I wish I was dreaming, and I was waiting to wake up,
yet I never did.
Why didn't I know?
It was like any other normal day.
You set off, forgetting to kiss me good-bye,
thinking that it doesn't matter, you will see me later.
Yet, you never did.
I never said good-bye.
I know that I am alone right now,
standing in this room,
talking to you, as if you were still here,
waiting for you to answer.
Yet, you never did.
Although I never said good-bye before,
I shall say it tonight.
As I visit the wreckage site,
hoping you weren't there.
Yet, this time, you were.
I shall say my farewell, praying to see your face.
Yet, I never did.
It is time to say