Sunshine Reminds Me Of You

Sunshine Reminds Me Of You.

When I feel lonely,

When I feel down,

I sit in bed waiting,

For the coming of dawn.

For dawn brings the sunshine,

That brightens up my life.

A song comes line by line,

When it shines down on my life.

But Sunshine only comes,

For half a day.

For half a day I hear the songs,

For half a day I pray,

That someday,

Someone will come and light my way.

But then I saw a light,

Shining from within the darkness.

The light shone upon my blight,

And left me with only happiness.

The light you showed me,

When you shined down on my life.

Has only been emulated in reality,

By the Sunshine, in my life.

Shine on me I beg you,

My life is incomplete.

Sunshine reminds me of you.

When it renders my fears Obsolete.